Jamie Foxx looks better in a new photo shared after the health scare

Hollywood actor and singer Jamie Foxx he shared the first photo of himself three months ago. The actor was hospitalized in April due to an as-yet-unknown illness, and then transferred to a medical facility in Chicago, where he was treated for weeks.

In his latest Instagram post, Foxx looked dapper in a black suit while posing next to a car.

The movie star has been spotted out in public in recent days, first on a cruise along the Chicago River.

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Jamie Foxx Says ‘Big Things Coming Soon’

Foxx shared a beautiful photo on: Instagramis the first picture of him since his hospitalization in April. The actor, dressed in a smart black suit and tie, struck a pose next to a Formula 1 car emblazoned with the words ‘BETMGM’.

The “Django Unchained” star could be seen smiling in the car with his right foot on the tire and a helmet next to him.

Foxx captioned the post: “Thank you to my @betmgm family and some great nights in Vegas. We are going to have BIG business soon.”

BetMGM is a betting company affiliated with MGM Resorts. The actor is said to be working on a new campaign with the company and will also appear in commercials for them during the football season.

Jamie Foxx’s new post has divided fans

Jamie Foxx publicly returns woman's lost wallet after recovering from mystery illness

After sharing her photo on her Instagram page, several fans took to the comments section to show how happy they are that the star is back on social media.

One fan wrote: “Broo, we’ve missed you so much on social media, especially Instagram! Great to know you are well and back with your wonderful posts.” They continued: “Your talent and charisma are inspiring and we look forward to more amazing content from you. Take care and keep shining!”

Another wrote: “I love you so much,” while others just shared Goat emojis, referring to Foxx as “the greatest of all time.”

Amidst the happy messages, other fans cast doubt on the news of the actor’s recovery, with some even questioning his recent public sightings.


One concerned fan wrote: “I don’t understand why you haven’t spoken to your fans yet? You always talked to us. This does not make sense.” Another person asked: “Can you go live sir to appease your fans? WE LOVE YOU.”

Foxx’s daughter Corinne has previously shut down false reports about her father’s health, stressing that he is fine. His statement was in stark contrast to claims at the time that the actor’s family was preparing for the worst.

The ‘Beat Shazam’ co-host wrote on his Instagram stories: ‘Update from the family: Sad to see the media go wild. My father has not been in the hospital for weeks, he is recovering. He played psoriasis yesterday! Thank you all for your prayers and support.”

Jamie Foxx threw a party at his rehab facility

Cameron Diaz has reportedly NOT spoken to Jamie Foxx since he was hospitalized

According to a recent report People magazineFoxx threw a party at the Chicago medical facility where he was recuperating to celebrate his recovery.

A source told the news outlet that while Foxx is not in a rehab facility, he continues to make a full recovery as an “outpatient.”

They noted that the “Day Cloned Tyrone” actor “has been working really hard over the past few months to get back to normal and has made a lot of progress since he first entered the facility.” The source added: “He is still doing outpatient rehab.”

Foxx has made several public appearances amid his recovery.

Jamie Foxx spotted me on a cruise

Jamie Foxx at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Below The Belt'

Foxx was recently spotted on a boat cruising along the Chicago River. It was the actor’s first public appearance since his health scare in April.

on video obtained by TMZ, Foxx wore a black shirt and sunglasses. The actor appeared to be in high spirits as he waved and smiled at the neighboring boat passing his.

Shortly after his boat sighting, Foxx took to his Twitter account for the first time since being hospitalized to reference the outing.

The actor he tweeted, “Boat Life Celebrate summer with @brownsugarbbn. Stay blessed.” Brown Sugar Bourbon is a liquor company owned by Foxx. Like his recent Instagram posts, Foxx’s tweet was met with both joy and skepticism by his fans.

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