Jamie Foxx is reportedly back at work after his medical emergency

Actor Jamie Foxx she’s reportedly back in front of the camera and hard at work on a campaign in Las Vegas while recovering from an undisclosed illness.

The actor also shared a photo of his trip to Vegas, where he filmed a commercial for the betting company BetMGM. A recent report revealed that Foxx had been working very hard on the campaign trail and was in good health.

Amid his return to social media, Foxx reportedly threw a party at a rehab facility to celebrate his recovery. The actor was spotted on several outings, including a pick-and-roll match and a cruise.

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Jamie Foxx is filming a new commercial

Cameron Diaz has reportedly NOT spoken to Jamie Foxx since he was hospitalized

Jamie Foxx appears to have made a significant recovery after his medical emergency in April. The “Django Unchained” actor is reportedly back in front of the camera, shooting a campaign ad for MGM Resorts-affiliated sports betting company BetMGM.

Based on TMZFoxx looked very happy as he filmed the ad inside a gold Formula 1 race car.

The actor also posted a new photo from the campaign on his Instagram page. He cooperates with the company in football advertising and other sports-related activities.

Jamie Foxx
Instagram | Jamie Foxx

A source close to Foxx spoke People Magazine of the photo and said he had “been in Vegas the last few days”.

“The photo is current. Jamie has been putting in really long days and has been spot on,” added the photo shoot source. “It was as if nothing had happened. You would never have known (he had a health problem).

In the photo Foxx shared, he’s posing in a shiny gold race car, wearing a black suit and tie. He captioned it: “Thanks to my @betmgm family and some great nights in Vegas. We are going to have BIG business soon.”

Jamie Foxx is still recovering from a medical emergency

Cameron Diaz has reportedly NOT spoken to Jamie Foxx since he was hospitalized

The post from the BetMGM campaign is Foxx’s first photo of himself since his hospitalization in April. The actor previously took to the internet in May to express his appreciation to fans who expressed concern over his health.

Foxx’s hospitalization first became public news when his daughter Corinne made the announcement on April 11. She revealed that she “experienced a medical complication” while filming “Back in Action” for Netflix alongside Cameron Diaz. Corinne wrote that the “quick action and close attention” put Foxx quickly “on the road to recovery.”

In May, Corinne issued another statement on social media, denying that the Foxx family was “preparing for the worst” amid the actors’ health crisis. He wrote: “Update from the family: Sad to see the media going wild. My father has not been in the hospital for weeks, he is recovering. He was actually playing pickleball yesterday!”

Jamie Foxx threw a party to celebrate his recovery

Jamie Foxx at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Below The Belt'

The ‘Annie’ actor has been spotted several times lately. They were photographed pickling at a Topgolf location in Chicago and then seen on a cruise on the Chicago River. A source was also revealed People that Foxx threw a party to celebrate her recovery.

The ‘Ray’ actor held the party at his rehab center in Chicago. The source said that Foxx “has been working really hard over the last few months to get back to normal and has made a lot of progress since he first got to the facility.” However, they noted that he remains in “outpatient rehab” at the facility.

He helped a woman recover her missing bag

Jamie Foxx American Black Film Festival Honors

Foxx was noted last week as a Good Samaritan to a woman who lost her purse. The footage shows the “Just Mercy” actor pulling up in a black SUV to return Terri “Quenni” Glenn’s wallet after she lost it around the Chicano Bean statue.

Glenn spoke to him People about meeting Foxx. She said she was with her two sisters and didn’t realize the bag was missing until Foxx brought it to her. He said: “I wanted to ask Jamie where he found the bag. I didn’t even know he was out.”

Glenn also revealed that he asked the actor about his health and he confirmed that he is on the mend. He said: “I said, ‘Jamie! Jamie!” I said, ‘Are you okay?’ and said, “I feel good.”

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