Jamie Foxx has noticed the publicity and is returning the lost purse to a woman

Jamie Foxx recently seen in public performing an act of kindness. The award-winning actor, who only recently returned to the public eye after a health scare, was caught on video returning a lost wallet to its owner.

This was after he was spotted boating on the Chicago River and golfing with friends at the Topgolf driving range in Naperville, Ill.

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Courtesy of Jamie Foxx

Cameron Diaz has reportedly NOT spoken to Jamie Foxx since he was hospitalized

Foxx was recently spotted in Chicago after recovering from a serious health crisis.

During the outing, the “Django Unchained” star, who is known for his various acts of kindness and charity, proved once again that being nice is just part of him even when the cameras weren’t on him.

He was caught on video returning a wallet to its owner who lost it while out in the windy city.

“Mama lost her purse in Chicago today, Jamie fox (sic) found it and brought it to her and said she was fine, God is good,” reads the caption of the video, which was made by the purse owner’s son. grayling Page six.

After returning the wallet to its rightful owner, Foxx quickly got into a sleek black SUV. As the vehicle was about to leave, he waved to the grateful woman, who enthusiastically exclaimed, “Thanks, Jamie!”

Jamie Foxx enjoys boating on first public outing

Jamie Foxx publicly returns woman's lost wallet after recovering from mystery illness

The “Ray” star was previously spotted on a cruise on the Chicago River last Sunday. The video of him on the boat shows the actor in good spirits and happy to be back in the public eye.

Foxx donned an all-black outfit, accessorized with a large dark shade, and waved to passers-by as the ship sailed on.

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The sighting was the first time she had been seen in public since her mysterious medical complication. She returned to social media the same day after taking a break due to the health scare.

HE he tweeted“Boat Life, Celebrating summer with @brownsugarbbn, adding, ‘Stay blessed!’

While the tweet didn’t include a picture, it appeared to hint at the actor’s collaboration with the Brown Sugar Bourbon brand and hinted that he was taking steps to get back to work.

Fans were ecstatic about his return

Cameron Diaz has reportedly NOT spoken to Jamie Foxx since he was hospitalized

Following the post, the comments section was bombarded with comments from Foxx fans expressing their joy at his return.

“Awesome, so glad to see you again and healing please don’t do too much fasting, love the endless tears of joy. You know we love (you guys), God will,” one fan said famous.

“Hi Jamie, I’m a big fan of yours and I’m so excited that you’re doing well and I’ll keep praying for you.” wrote.

“So glad to see you on Twitter! I pray that God will continue to bless and keep you. You are such a light in dark places for those who have no hope,” a third fan commented.

“Definitely happy to hear from you Jamie, it made me get up this morning, we love you‼️” another follower wroteadded some happy emoticons.

Jamie Foxx has kept quiet about his health scare

Jamie Foxx suffered a stroke, Mike Tyson says

Foxx has yet to publicly address the health scare, despite several public appearances in recent days. While it’s unclear if he plans to do so, it appears the worst is over.

And for those worried about his motor skills, the actor was spotted golfing last Saturday during a late-night outing with friends at the Topgolf driving range in Naperville, Ill.

“He was professional, he didn’t drag his feet,” said a source who spotted the actor at the scene Page six. “His arm movement was definitely good. He was just regular Jamie.

This comes after his daughter announced on April 12 that the “Day Shift” actor suffered a medical complication while filming his Netflix movie “Back in Action” in Atlanta.

Foxx remained in a state hospital for a while and was later moved to a private facility in Chicago.

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