James Cameron knew about the explosion of the Titan Sub early on

He is a famous film director and deep sea explorer James Cameron talked about it recently Titan Submersible that he viewed the remains of the Titanic and revealed that he had an eerie premonition of its demise.

Known for his passion for ocean research and his key role in bringing the iconic story of the Titanic to life on the big screen, Cameron drew “mysterious parallels” between the real Titanic tragedy and the ill-fated submarine.

The Titan Submersible disappeared on June 18 after losing contact with its mother ship, prompting a frantic search by divers who paid $250,000 each for the expedition.

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According to James Cameron, He He knew the submarine explosion early

James Cameron, the director of

In a candid interview with him The CNNs Anderson Cooper, Cameron shared that he was convinced “in my bones” by “Monday morning” that the missing Titan submersible had exploded. Insider.

The submersible Titan, a cutting-edge deep-sea research vessel owned by OceanGate, disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a recent dive to view the remains of the Titanic.

Cameron, who has personally piloted submarines and set several diving records, said that when he received “confirmation that there was some kind of loud noise consistent with an explosive event”, he informed his “inner circle that we had lost our comrades” and “encouraged everyone to , to raise a glass.”

OceanGate reveals five 'Titan' passengers dead: 'Sadly lost'

“The only scenario I could come up with in my mind was a meltdown,” the Avatar director told Cooper.

“It’s such a strong shock wave event that it actually took out a secondary system that has its own pressure vessel and its own battery power supply, which is the transponder that the ship uses to track the submarine’s location. So then I thought about the crash. It’s Monday morning,” Cameron stated.

The U.S. Coast Guard confirmed that the submarine Titan exploded

James Cameron, the director of

After the submarine disappeared from radar, new details about the ill-fated marine craft emerged following an intense search by the US Coast Guard and other marines.

On June 22, it was confirmed that the Titan Submersible had exploded, adding a chilling dimension to the mysterious event. Based on Oh! newsthe remains of the submersible have been found and are “consistent with the catastrophic loss of the pressure chamber”.

“It’s an incredibly unforgiving environment down there on the sea floor. The debris is consistent with a catastrophic shipwreck,” District Commander First Coast Guard Lt. John Mauger said at a press conference earlier.

OceanGate reveals five 'Titan' passengers dead: 'Sadly lost'

OceanGate, the submarine’s owner, also released a statement confirming that all passengers on board were “sadly lost”. The company called the men on board “true explorers with a shared spirit of adventure” and noted that they all “have a deep passion for exploring and protecting the world’s oceans.”

“Our hearts go out to these five souls and all of their families at this tragic time. We mourn the loss of life and the joy they brought to everyone they knew,” OceanGate added in a statement.

James Cameron says he was not surprised by the incident

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During his conversation with Cooper, Cameron expressed no surprise at the outcome of the incident, which followed an intense search for the submarine’s whereabouts.

When sharing his reaction to the final verdict on the missing Titan Submersible, Cameron responded with a calm demeanor. “I watched over the next few days as everyone was running around the firehouse with their hair down, knowing full well it was futile — I was hoping against hope that I was wrong, but I knew in my bones that I wasn’t,” he said. .

Cameron added: “I feel terrible for the families who have had to go through these false hopes that have been hanging around as it has happened.”

James Cameron compares the sinking of the Titanic to the explosion of the submarine Titan

James Cameron, the director of

In a recent interview ABC Newsthe renowned filmmaker drew a striking similarity between the real-life Titanic disaster and the mysterious disappearance of the Titan Submersible.

“I was struck by the similarity to the Titanic disaster itself, when the captain, having been repeatedly warned of ice ahead of his ship, steamed full speed into an ice field on a moonless night – and many died as a result. ” he told the news station.

Cameron also explained that the deep-sea diving community was “very concerned” about the OceanGate expeditions and the ill-fated Titan Submersible.

“To have a very similar tragedy, where warnings were ignored, happening in exactly the same place, with diving all over the world, I think is just shocking. It’s really quite surreal,” he added.

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