Jada Pinkett Smith Shuts Down Rumors Of Her & Will Smith Being Gay

Jada Pinkett Smith is proving that no topic is off limits as she continues to spill bombshell revelations about her life and marriage to Will Smith!

She has attracted even more attention after openly discussing her past experiences with women. In a recent interview, Jada shared that in her early years in Hollywood, she had a few encounters with women but ultimately realized her preference for men.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Shocking Revelations Extend To Her Sexuality

Jada candidly talked about her sexuality in her newly released memoir, “Worthy,” putting an end to years of rumors about her and Will being gay. Addressing the gossip head-on, she discussed the sexual freedom she experienced in the early ’90s after relocating to Los Angeles to begin her career. As she wrote:

“Now, there have always been rumors that I’m gay — that I like women. Maybe that had something to do with the clubs where I hung out, like the Catch, one of the leading LGBTQ+ spots in L.A. at this time that had nights for getting up and doing lip-syncs, and where I myself, on several occasions, got up onstage and lip-synched to all kinda of songs.”

Continuing, she shed light on “those early years of exploration in Hollywood,” where she “had a few sexual experiences with women, only to realize that when it comes to sex, I love men.”

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith attend the Los Angeles Premiere Of Apple Original Films' 'Emancipation'

“Still, I cherish the beauty of women inside and out. And I have never stopped being infatuated and in awe of women of all ages, sizes, and colors. My belief is — women are the most amazing creatures on the planet, and I hold reverence for women through my friendships,” Jada wrapped up on the topic, per her Memoir.

Not long ago, The Blast reported that the “Girls Hold Up This World” author divulged that she would never divorce Will during a conversation with Jay Shetty.

The “Menace II Society” actress had joined the British guru on his “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” podcast and while there, the latter read out a letter her husband had written to her in response to her book. Reading the note aloud, Jay said:

“I just turned the final page of Worthy. It is amazing to realize that despite having lived most of my life by your side, I still found myself shocked and stunned and caught off guard, laughing, then inspired, then heartbroken. I was all over the place. It’s one thing to hear anecdotes at a family barbecue, but it was truly overwhelming to take in your story, potently condensed in this way.”

“If I had read this book 30 years ago, I definitely would have hugged you more. I’ll start now. Welcome to the Authors Club. I love you endlessly. Now go get some Merlot and take a rest,” the letter concluded.

Will’s last words prompted Jada to playfully reply, “He knows I can’t have no Merlot. That’s beautiful. That’s why I can’t divorce that joker.”

Jada & Will’s Kids ‘Feel Bad’ About Their Separation

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Over the last few days, the “Red Table Talk” co-host has been dropping hints in a series of interviews leading up to the release of her memoir on October 17. In these interviews, she revealed that Tupac had proposed to her; she and her husband had been separated since 2016, and they no longer lived in the same house.

However, despite their living arrangements, the mother of two — who now lives not too far from Will, also clarified that they’re filing for divorce and are actively working on “healing the relationship.”

The 52-year-old claimed that she would have shared the genuine status of her and the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” actor’s union several years ago but couldn’t because her beau had gotten cold feet. 

Amid all the drama and controversy surrounding the situation, The Blast shared that the couple’s children were allegedly hurt about witnessing their father’s reaction to the family drama unraveling very publicly.

Although earlier reports suggested that the Smith kids were “relieved” that they no longer had to keep their parents’ separation a secret, a recent report indicates that they now “feel bad” for the “Gemini Man” star.

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