Ivanka Trump Is Fighting Subpoena To Testify Against Her Father

Former first daughter Ivanka Trump has opposed testifying in her father Donald Trump‘s ongoing civil fraud case.

The former White House employee’s lawyer filed in court to throw out subpoenas compelling her to take the witness stand, as the New York Attorney General’s office desired.

In the filing, the attorney made several claims, one of which was that the Attorney General’s office improperly served her. He also argued that she had been previously dismissed from the case.

Ivanka Trump’s Attorney Argue She Was Improperly Served

Ivanka Trump speaks during a campaign event for her father at the Bayfront Park Amphitheatre on October 27, 2020 in Miami Florida.

According to a report, Ivanka is making moves to stop herself from testifying against her father, Donald, and four Trump Organization executives, including her brothers, Donald Trump, Jr., and Eric Trump.

It comes after an appeal court dismissed Ivanka Trump from the case in June. At the time, the court ruled that the statute of limitations barred the claims against her.

However, the New York Attorney General, who is in charge of the case, went on to issue subpoenas to multiple corporate entities linked to the ex-president’s daughter in a bid to get her back on the witness stand.

To fight the subpoenas, Ivanka’s lawyer, Bennet J. Moskowitz, argued that the 41-year-old business mogul was improperly served.

“Each of these three subpoenas listed Ms. Trump’s name only in the ‘to’ line above the LLCs’ names and the names and addresses of their registered agents,” the attorney penned in his filing, per Business Insider.

“The body of the Subpoenas requested a ‘personal appearance’ ‘to give testimony’ at trial but did not identify any specific employee, officer, or director that the NYAG wanted to appear,” he added.

Why Ivanka Trump Was Linked To The Fraud Case

Ivanka Tump wears a flowing baby blue dress as she arrives to sister Tiffany Trump's wedding at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach

In the filing, Ivanka’s attorney also mentioned that she had been dismissed from the case and that the New York court had no jurisdiction since she was no longer a resident of the state.

He went on to say that the attorney general’s office is “effectively trying to force her back into this case” despite never having deposed her in the first place.

From all indications, Ivanka was linked to the fraud case because she served as Trump Org’s executive vice president for development and acquisitions before she departed from the company to the White House in 2017.

Some of her achievements in the post include negotiated deals for the Old Post Office hotel project in Washington, DC, the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago, and the Trump National Doral golf course in Miami, all of which amounted to millions of dollars.

Donald Trump’s Other Children Are Expected To Testify

Former US President Donald Trump Addresses the NRA

In the meantime, it is unclear what direction the court would rule on the case or when that would happen.

If Ivanka wins the legal tussle, she will be exempted from testifying in the case. However, other Donald’s sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., and himself will testify in the case as expected.

As to what the case involves, the attorney general office sued the former president, his children, and other business associates, alleging the company made hundreds of false statements that inflated the value of Trump Organization assets to boost his net worth. They also mentioned that he committed the act to obtain more favorable business deals.

The suit was filed against the organization in November 2022, after the office started an investigation in 2019 that included auditing the financial statements of the Trump organization between 2011 and 2021.

What Happens If Donald Trump Loses?

Former US President Donald Trump Addresses the NRA

If Donald loses the case, he will face a range of penalties, including barring him from engaging in commercial real estate acquisitions for five years after the ruling.

The attorney general’s office has also suggested prohibiting Donald Trump and his children from holding positions as officers or directors in any New York-based business. Additionally, the proposed penalty for the defendants is approximately $250 million.

Separately, the Trump Organization has faced a conviction for tax fraud in a different case filed by the Manhattan district attorney. In this case, the company was ordered to pay $1.6 million for a scheme in which executives received compensation through unreported personal expenses, including private school tuition, apartments, and car leases.

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