It will be a holy gift from Pope Francis at the coronation of King Charles

While the royal family III. Preparing for the upcoming coronation of King Charles, Pope Francis is making sure that His Majesty enjoys the historic day with a valuable gift.

Before becoming the oldest person to ascend the throne, the former Prince of Wales was the longest-serving heir in British history. The 74-year-old man’s name is tied to another record thanks to his sanctity.

At the coronation ceremony of the father of two, scheduled for May 6, a holy relic that is said to be associated with Jesus Christ will be presented. Keep scrolling for more details!

King Charles’ coronation cross contains wood chips from the “true cross”.

King Károly takes part in the 200th sovereign parade

In a recent update on the highly anticipated event of the year: PEOPLE it turned out that the ruler of the Vatican City State had blessed the king with the most sacred gifts. Pope Francis issued two wood chips to Jesus Christ.

Known as the Cross of Wales, the cross used to lead the coronation procession at Westminster Abbey in London was blessed by the Archbishop of Wales, the Most Reverend Andrew John. The holy ceremony took place in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Llandudno on April 19.

At the time of the blessing, the gift from the head of the Catholic Church was added to the Welsh cross. The two shards were said to have been removed from the “true cross,” the term used to refer to the original cross on which Jesus died centuries ago.

The pieces of wood, about 0.2 and 0.4 inches in size, were described as a “personal coronation gift” from the Bishop of Rome to the king. After the offering was received, fragments of the “true cross” decorated the center of the Welsh cross.

The holy relic formed the shape of a cross behind a rose crystal gem in the middle of the memorial cross. Gushing about the wonderful gift, the Archbishop of Wales told sources:

“This is extremely significant. It is remarkable that the king found favor in the Vatican. Thanks to this very good relationship, Pope Francis agreed to give these small fragments of the holy cross as a gift.”

The memorial cross was made in 2020 by the Goldsmiths’ Company of London. The King commissioned the project to mark the centenary of the Church in Wales. His Majesty gives his love for the environment; the Cross of Wales is made from recycled silver bullion, Welsh timber and slate.

Pope Francis presents Easter Mass in the Vatican - April 9, 2023

He also gave Charles the honor of emblazoning the “king’s seal” (leopard’s head) on the cross during his first visit to the Goldsmiths in November 2022. The sacred object also featured a fragment from the patron saint of Wales, the last piece of Saint David. sermon.

“Be happy. Stay faithful. Do the little things,” was engraved on the back of the cross. Now that the commemorative crucifix has received the most holy relic from the Pope, the consecrated object will be shared between the Anglican and Catholic churches in Wales after the coronation procession.

Fans can expect a performance of a lifetime at the coronation of King Charles

The headliners for King Charles’ upcoming coronation concert have recently been announced, and the bill includes living legend Lionel Richie. TThe four-time Grammy winner will perform at the May 7 event, which honored the host.

During his appearance at the Breakthrough Awards in Los Angeles, the record producer gushed about his participation in the upcoming event. “You don’t go into business and say, ‘You know what? I will be there for the king’s coronation. It never comes up,” the 73-year-old began.

“(It’s) A, surprise. B, what an honor. And C, because of the many names he could have had, he called him by my name,” the Tuskegee native continued, noting that he was grateful for the celebration of Charles’ ascension, given their history.

Lionel Richie and King Charles at the Prince's Trust International reception

The ‘All Night Long’ singer revealed her close relationship with the king, whom she described as a ‘wonderful man’. After knowing him as Prince for years, the Oscar winner was “anxious” to see what changes his old friend would make.

As for his performance, the ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ artist claimed that fans are in for a treat as it would be a historic experience. Promising miracles, the Golden Globe winner said:

“I want to see the pomp and circumstance because I don’t care what you thought of Michael Jackson. I don’t care what you think Prince did. I don’t care what you think Madonna did. Nothing will be like that. It’s gorgeous and great here.”

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