Issa Rae warns fans to make up their own minds about the Barbie movie

Issa Rae fans are excited to see the Barbie movie, but don’t make the mistake of asking him to share details about the movie.

Issa Rae Barbie President or not

Issa Rae warns fans to 'make up their own minds' about the 'Barbie' movie
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The writer and actress is tight-lipped about the film, which opens in theaters in July. He spoke about the project and its potential at AT&T’s Game Ball Experience event last week. “It was amazing,” she told People magazine, who interviewed her at the event.

Even more excited is the fan reaction to the release of the full-length trailer. “I’m really excited that people are excited and I’m just sitting back and waiting for everything to unfold.” When asked to explain the comedy, Rae just couldn’t.

“I can’t confirm or deny anything,” he joked. People asked because Issa’s Barbie ad says, “This Barbie is the president.” He has the wings and everything. The ads mean nothing because Rae can’t confirm that her character is the president.

“You don’t want to get me into trouble.” I’ll let (director) Greta (Gerwig) and (star) Margot (Robbie) take the lead and I’ll shut up and sit back, laugh Rae.

Issa Rae says it’s a lot to watch

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The 38-year-old is confident the film will be a hit and hopes fans will give it a try. “You have to watch it to find out and form your own opinion,” he insists. “I know they want people to come in and enjoy it for what it is, without too many expectations, so I wish you the same.”

He also slammed Gerwig and her partner and co-writer Noah Baumbach for their writing skills, calling them “amazing.” He thinks what the writers have done is brilliant. “I’m a huge fan and I feel very honored that he thought of me for this.”

Issa Rae warns fans to 'make up their own minds' about the 'Barbie' movie

He continued: “It was such a fun project to be a part of. I shout from the rooftops. Recently, the trailer revealed that the Barbies are modeled after actual Barbies that were once purchased. I don’t know why social media thought it would be any different, but the cast is rounded out by lots of new and old Barbies!

Issa Rae and Other Barbies

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Actress Barbie is related to President Barbie, but they’re like Scientist Barbie, originally the first Barbie (who was modeled after starring Margot Robbie’s ad swimsuit) Mermaid Barbie, as we’ve seen Dua Lipa bring to life.

There’s also Doctor Barbie, who debuted in the 70s, Foreign Affairs Barbie, Supreme Court Justice, Lawyer Barbie, and you get the idea.

Issa Rae warns fans to 'make up their own minds' about the 'Barbie' movie

Some of her friends also join Barbie. For example, the pregnant Barbie Midge, introduced as Barb’s friend in the 60s; When the knock-off version of the girl was released in the early 2000s, it was quickly taken off the shelf. Gerwig, of course, uses the preggo version in her film.

Issa Rae warns fans to 'make up their own minds' about the 'Barbie' movie

And of course we’ll see all kinds of Ken, with Gosling’s version having adventures with Robbie’s Barbie.

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