IG Christine Brown is going official with her love David Woolley

More than a year after her divorce Kody Brown“Sister Wives” star Christine Brown he finally found love again!

He recently announced that he’s dating again and revealed the identity of his new lover on Instagram on Valentine’s Day.

The television personality shared loved-up photos of herself and her new man, confirming earlier reports that she was dating a Utah construction executive named David Woolley.

Christine and her “sister wife” Janelle Brown are also producing their own spinoff show after splitting from husband Kody and stepping out of their polygamous family.

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Christine Brown shares cute photos of her lover

David Woolley, Christine Brown

Christine marked Valentine’s Day by posting loved-up photos of herself and her new man. In the cute pictures, she could be seen sitting next to David Woolley, 59, with her head gently resting on his shoulder as they both smiled for the camera. In another shot, Christine is seen holding a baby while she and Woolley look lovingly into each other’s eyes.

In the third picture, the pair are holding two adorable babies as they pose on a couch in matching blue jeans.

David Woolley, Christine Brown

To add more context to the adorable pictures, Christine wrote: “Finally found the love of my life David. When he held me for the first time, it felt like my soul took its first breath.” She continued: “He’s amazing and kind, incredible with my kids and an adorable grandpa. I never dreamed that I would find such a love.” The reality star added several hashtags to emphasize how happy she is with her new lover.

She previously hinted that she was in a relationship in a video shared on her IG stories. “I’m dating someone exclusively,” Christine revealed US Sun. “It’s wonderful and romantic and so kind and everything I’ve been looking for.”

Fans rejoice for Christine Brown and David Woolley

David Woolley, Christine Brown

After the big reveal, there was an outpouring of love for the TV personality, with several fans pointing out how happy they were for her, especially considering her previous relationship.

One fan commented: “I feel like this guy is EXACTLY who I pictured you in my head to be! An older, family man who is still young at heart. I have a feeling it’s going to fill a lot of holes in the hearts of some of the kids Kody created.

Another fan threw a lot of shade at ex Kody, saying: ‘He’s so awesome. Kody must have steam coming out of his ears. He is so narcissistic that he wanted to keep all the wives to save face in the community and look like a successful polygamist, not for love. His ego is so bruised and I think it’s funny! You and Janelle have always been my favorites and I’m so happy you’re finally gone.

Another fan gushed about how happy they were, writing: “I wish I could like the posts over and over again, that’s what everyone in America wanted for you!”

Christine and Kody Brown exit

Sisters Kody and Christine Brown attend the opening of T-Mobile Arena

Christine and Kody officially announced their divorce on their Instagram pages in November 2021. According to Christine, her and Kody’s marriage hit a snag because they had “grown apart.” She revealed how difficult her decision to leave was, but added that they remain in each other’s lives.

The TV personality said“We will continue to be a strong presence in each other’s lives as we raise our beautiful children and support our wonderful family.”

On the other hand, Kody talked about how sad the decision to leave was for him. HE shared“Christine’s decision to leave comes with great sadness. We spent many years together and I have a lot of respect and admiration for him.”

He is creating his own Spinoff Show with Janelle Brown

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown

Christine wasn’t the only wife to leave Kody, as both Janelle and Meri were revealed to have ended their marriages to Kody in season 17 of the series. This means that the once famous polygamist is now monogamist as he is only married to Robyn Brown.

According to reports, a US SunJanelle and Christine are about to get their own spinoff show that will focus solely on their lives as independent women after being in a polygamous relationship for so long.

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