Ice Spice On Why She ‘Always’ Carries Spare Panties In Her Bag

Ice Spice recently opened up about the items she always has in her bag whenever she is out and about.

While the rapper mentioned conventional items like hand cream, shades, lip gloss, and phones, she also listed two other quirky items: an extra pair of pink pants and a box cutter.

Revealing that her bag always has an extra pair of pants sparked a discussion online, with many netizens pointing out that it was an ideal thing to do as a woman.

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‘The Baddies That Get It, Get It’

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Ice Spice provided a quirky detail about two items she never leaves the house without during an interview with British Vogue for its “In the Bag” YouTube series, per Insider.

The rapper admitted that, just in case of unforeseen circumstances, she always keeps a spare pair of her preferred color of pants with her.

“The baddies that get it, get it,” she said in the video published on Tuesday. “All my panties are pink. I always keep a panty because like, you just be having to change your panties, you know what I’m saying?”

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The second item is a handheld cutting tool, affectionately dubbed “pokey” by the “Princess Diana” crooner.

“Y’all know I gotta keep the pokey on me,” she added. “It’s like what you use to open boxes. I’m from New York, so we got a lot of boxes to open over there.”

The rapper added that she also has a hand cream, two phones, earbuds, a wallet, a pair of sunglasses, lip gloss, and other accessories in her bag.

Netizens React To Ice Spice’s Remark

Ice Spice

A number of online users responded to Ice Spice’s comments by pointing out that she was correct to advise carrying an extra pair of pants. Two in particular mentioned how useful it is for women during their periods.

“Have you never stained because your time of the month before???? a spare pair of underwear can be a life saver,” tweeted the first person.

 “It’s always good to carry an extra pair, especially if you have a heavy cycle. Or it comes on unexpectedly,” mentioned a second person.

Others noted that they learned to carry an extra pair of pants from their parents.

“It’s (an) old school thing. My grandma used to tell my sisters to always have an extra pair. I never asked why tho, none of my concern,” penned a third online user.

One more fan tweeted, “My mom always told me I should carry an extra pair in case I ever get into an accident. Lol, I keep a pair in a gym bag in my trunk.”

Ice Spice Reveals Her Mentors In The Music Industry

Ice Spice

It follows an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 in which Ice Spice named the musicians she considers role models in the music business.

She mentioned fellow New York rapper Nicki Minaj, with whom she worked on the “Princess Diana” remix and “Barbie World,” which was recently included in the Disney film “Barbie.”

“I feel like I am absorbing advice from (Nicki) and learning from her and stuff. And she’ll tell me, ‘Learn from my mistakes.’ And I just really pay attention to what she’s saying,” Ice Spice told Lowe, per Blavity. “Because if there’s anyone I’m going to listen to, it’s the queen.”

The rapper also revealed that she “talks all the time” with “God’s Plan” hitmaker Drake and would often ask him questions like, “‘What should I do with this? Or how’d you go about this? Or did you ever experience that?’”

Ice Spice Is A Rising Star

Ice Spice

Ice Spice’s career has skyrocketed in less than two years since she came into the music industry.

The singer recently released the deluxe edition of her debut EP, “Like..?” earlier in the month, featuring four new tracks: “How High?”, “Butterfly Ku,” “On the Radar,” and “Deli.”

Songs from the original EP, such as “Gangsta Boo” with Lil Tjay, “Bikini Bottom,” “Munch (Feeling U),” and “Princess Diana” in both its original version and its popular Nicki Minaj remix, are also included on the album.

Later this year, she will also accompany Doja Cat on her “Scarlet Tour.”

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