Hugh Jackman refutes steroid claims in his fitness program

Actor Hugh Jackman an actor who can transform his body into multiple roles, especially physically demanding roles such as the character of Wolverine. Jackman has starred as Wolverine for many years and in several films where he has repeatedly pushed himself and his body to gain and lose large amounts of muscle.

However, he recently denied rumors that he used steroids to aid his muscle growth process, saying he doesn’t enjoy his job “that much”. Jackman said he went the old-school route, which was high in protein, especially in chicken. He also talked about his six-month fitness plan to prepare his body to play Wolverine again in “Deadpool 3.”

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Hugh Jackman denies ever using steroids

Hugh Jackman denies steroid allegations in his Wolverine fitness program: 'I don't like my job that much'

A recent one on HBO Who is talking to Chris Wallace?, Wallace asked Jackman about the rumors that he was using steroids. He said: “Over the years people have wondered, did it work? Did you take steroids?” The fan speculation stems from Jackman being tapped to play Wolverine in multiple “X-men” movies.

Jackman responded by stating, “No, I love my job. And I love Wolverine. I have to be careful what I say here, but I’ve been told anecdotally what the side effects are. And I said, “I don’t like it that much.” So no, I just did it the old school way.” By old school, the 54-year-old actor meant eating lots of protein, especially poultry.

He said: “And I’m telling you, I ate more chicken – I feel so sorry for all the vegans, vegetarians and chickens in the world. Literally, karma doesn’t do me any good. If divinity has anything to do with chickens, I’m in trouble.

Hugh Jackman has a six-month fitness plan for Deadpool 3


Jackman temporarily retired from the role of “Wolverine” after the death of his character in “Logan” and remained busy on Broadway. The actor is currently starring in ‘The Music Man’ where his character’s body is not as physically demanding as that of a Marvel superhero.

Wallace also asked Jackman how he plans to physically transition from his Broadway character to playing Wolverine again in “Deadpool 3” alongside Ryan Reynolds. The “Greatest Showman” actor then revealed that he made a six-month plan to get his body back into Wolverine shape.

Jackman said suit NYP“I’ve learned that you can’t rush it. I’ve learned that it takes time. So we’re six months from when I finish (“The Music Man”) and start shooting. And I don’t do any other work. I will be with my family and train. This will be my job for six months. And now I’m really fit.”

Before his role as a superhero, he initially knew nothing about Wolverines

Hugh Jackman at the 2019 BRIT Awards

The “Prisoners” actor revealed that when he first took on the role of Wolverines, he knew nothing about them and instead focused his research on wolves. He said: “I’ve never read the comic. There are no wolverines in Australia. I didn’t know it was a real animal. I’ve never heard of wolverines. I thought it was a fictional animal.

Jackman said he watched several documentaries about wolves because he “obviously” thought he was playing a wolf. He explained that it wasn’t until he went on set and showed the wolf moves that he found out that a director had corrected him and explained that he was a wolverine, which was different.

Hugh Jackman is currently starring in The Music Man

“The Music Man” stars Jackman as Professor Harold Hill and Sutton Foster as Hill’s reluctant love Marian Paroo. The show suffered several delays due to COVID-19 and finally opened in 2022. It later extended its Broadway run through early 2023 due to high demand for additional performances.

The show’s “positively final performance” will be on January 15, 2023, instead of the previous New Year’s end date. Producer Kate Horton said in a statement: “Audience hunger for our show remains insatiable. We are grateful to Hugh and Sutton (Foster) and our entire glorious company for agreeing to add these 16 more performances.”

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