HS Basketball Coach Fired After Infiltrating Team

Just when you thought you’d seen it all…a high school basketball coach decided it was a good idea to release a 13-year-old boy who was out that day to help his team win the game.

The incident was caught on video and the coach was fired sources.

The 22-year-old assistant coach pretends to be 13 years old

Basketball coach fired after impersonating teenager to join team
Screenshot via Twitter

Arlisha Boykins, 22, was an assistant coach for the Churchland junior varsity girls basketball team in Portsmouth, Virginia — until she decided to pretend to be a 13-year-old and play for the team.

According to the parents of the 13-year-old girl, Boykins took the place of another teenage student who was out of town at a club basketball tournament.

The 22-year-old assistant coach donned the No. 1 jersey while shooting free throws and at one point even jumped into the stands for a loose ball while pretending to be a teenager.

The sources said WAVY TV 10 that the varsity assistant coach also “encouraged the behavior” during the game.

Frankly, this news is very upsetting, as the coach should have been a role model for the students, not releasing someone 10 years younger than them to help them win games. (Oh, and not to mention, the team still lost the game.)

The 13-year-old’s father felt the same way, saying: “The coaches are always preaching to the kids about fairness and things like that, so I was shocked.”

13-year-old girl plans to leave Churchland

Basketball coach fired after impersonating teenager to join team
Screenshot via Twitter

The teenage girl’s family also told the news outlet that their daughter is no longer interested in Churchland High School next year. He and his family plan to look for another school next year and continue.

The family also expects a personal apology from Churchland school officials for the incident.

The world speaks

Sports fans around the world have spoken out about the incident, disgusted and shocked that it happened.

“And he was wearing the #1 jersey lol, not humble at all,” said one Twitter user wrote like another rang the bell, “Disgraceful. For two reasons. One for integrity and two for losing the game!”

Another fun sports fan wrote“How can you be 22, lose and only have 2 games against 13 year olds😂.”

One Twitter user took issue with the head coach and the fact that they were not penalized at all during that time. “How can we not talk about the head coach and the kids who went with him? AD wasn’t there either? No one in this place has any morals,” they said He tweeted.

Something similar to this sports fan He tweeted, “Yeah… Just finish the season. Too many people joined this and didn’t say anything until it was discovered.”

“So you’re saying no one on the sidelines recognized him as the coach,” another user said He tweeted before adding, “Hell, I don’t know him, but I could tell from his shots, his goal line and his layup drive that he was more of a college player or more of a season player. If he hadn’t tried to play pro, that’s fine.

The school is currently investigating the incident, but it is clear that something needs to be done besides firing the assistant coach.

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