Howard Stern Says He Didn’t Enjoy Rihanna’s Super Bowl Show

Known for his outspoken and often controversial opinions, Howard Stern recently made headlines after sharing his thoughts on Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show. The radio personality, never one to shy away from sharing his unfiltered opinion on pop culture events, explained on his show why he didn’t enjoy the performance.

Howard Stern reveals why he’s not happy with Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance

It’s not the first time the radio host has expressed his honest thoughts about pop culture. Stern has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry for decades, and his raw opinions continue to engage and polarize audiences.

Despite what some would say was an electrifying performance by the singer, especially with the display of gravity-defying props and incredible choreography, the shocker felt it fell short of his expectations.

Howard Stern Shares Why He Didn't Enjoy Rihanna's Super Bowl Performance
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That’s what Stern claimed, according to the NY Post Rihanna allegedly decided to lip-sync for most of her performance, ruining the entire show. During an episode of Sirius XM’s “The Howard Stern Show,” offensively said:

“You know, I don’t even know why she bothered with her appearance,” he added, “I could be wrong, but I think 85 percent of that performance was lip syncing.”

Her co-host Robin Quivers said she also couldn’t confirm if the pop diva was actually singing. The 68-year-old pointed out that one part of the production was what caused Rihanna to hang up the microphone, but the sounds continued.

Although she didn’t perform “Love the Way You Lie” during the 13-minute performance, the 34-year-old sang some of her chart-topping songs like “Umbrella” and “Diamonds” while suspended in the air. a floating platform.

The actress’ noticeable baby bump also added to the excitement of the event, especially after knowing she gave birth to her first child last year. All that still wasn’t enough to impress the TV star; instead, he made a vulgar comment about the singer’s pregnancy during his tirade.

He hinted that he might have wanted to let the baby sing, saying: “I had a theory that Rihanna wasn’t lip-synching, but she put the microphone near her vulva so the newborn could sing.”

Donald Trump disapproves of Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance

After a seven-year hiatus, the pop icon decided to take the stage solo for the first time during the Super Bowl halftime last Sunday. While everyone else, including critics, was impressed by the show-stopping, career-spanning event, the former US president decided to launch an attack on the star.

Howard Stern Shares Why He Didn't Enjoy Rihanna's Super Bowl Performance
Instagram | Apple Music

As noted by The Blasthe even went so far as to call the performance “offensive”. Pop Crave detailed the drama by posting a photo of the mother of one in the unique red dress she wore next to Trump’s face.

Above the collage, the publication wrote: “Donald Trump attacks Rihanna, calls her halftime show the ‘worst’ in Super Bowl history. Meanwhile, the tweet in question read:

“EPIC FAIL: Rihanna gave arguably the worst halftime show in Super Bowl history. All this after he insulted well over half of our already seriously USEFUL Nation with his ugly and insulting language. And so much for her stylist!”

Fans defended the “Music of the Sun” singer by tweeting epic responses to Trump’s tirade, like this fan who used her own words against him. writing, “EPIC FAIL: Trump delivered arguably the worst presidency in American history. All this after he offended well over half of our nation, which is already struggling with severe ABUSE, with his foul and insulting language. And that’s all about his “Publicist”.

While another person cheerfully he wondered, “Lmao. When did we ask? 🤣.” Another user slammed the former head of state with this tweet which read:

“This man is on the verge of falling apart from the orange tan seeping into his skin as he complains from home that he’s tweeting on his lil flop app 💀 I know he’s not talking foul language.”

A fourth person decided to rock the 76-year-old’s skin writing“He’s just mad that Fenty doesn’t sell the tangerine color.”

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