How Ed Sheeran Helps Lionel Richie’s Coronation Performance

English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is unlikely to appear in III. At the upcoming coronation of King Charles. Nevertheless, you will lend a helping hand to one of the significant elements of the event.

Fans will recall that after Sheeran turned down an invitation to perform at the Coronation concert, it was revealed that “American Idol” judge Lionel Richie would headline the event alongside several brilliant musicians.

In preparation for Richie’s departure overseas, Sheeran is showing his support by entering the talent show as a guest judge, replacing the legend for the time being and appearing on the program for the first time.

Ed Sheeran replaces Lionel Richie on ‘American Idol’ amid King Charles’ coronation

Ed Sheeran at the 2021 MTV EMAs

The “I Don’t Care” singer will take over “American Idol” alongside Alanis Morissette, who will replace Katy Perry, another entertainer set to perform at the British coronation.

The replacement duo will join Luke Bryan as a guest judge on May 7 after being selected for their upcoming UK concert ahead of Richie and Perry’s trip.

Grayling Speciesupdate on Monday, May 1, ABC reports that the “Easy” star and “Fireworks” singer will continue to make live calls to the show about the fun at Windsor Castle. Morissette and Sheeran are slated to fill in for the show’s “616” episode, where America casts its vote for the remaining top 5 contestants.

The new performance will be both singers’ first appearances on “American Idol.” Both perform, with Morissette singing one of several hit songs and Sheeran singing his latest single, “Boat.”

Morissette will also mentor the remaining contestants, who will perform her songs live, while the finalists will perform duets of Sheeran’s major hits with each other.

It is important to know that there are only eight finalists left on the competition show, including Colin Stough, Haven Madison, Iam Tongi, Megan Danielle, Oliver Steele, Warren Peay, Wé Ani and Zachariah Smith.

What’s more, the “Shape of You” singer’s subordinate position is in the midst of a copyright infringement lawsuit for his song “Thinking Out Loud,” accused of copying Marvin Gaye’s single “Let’s Get It On.”

Along with Warner Music Group and Sony Music Publishing, he was sued by three heirs of songwriter Ed Townsend, who co-wrote the 1973 tune with Gaye.

Ed Sheeran’s absence left the King disappointed

King Károly takes part in the 200th sovereign parade

Before choosing Richie and Perry as his coronation act, King Charles suggested some of the biggest names in the music industry he wanted to perform at his coronation concert on May 7.

Among those listed were Sheeran and Adele, who unfortunately declined the invitation, the “Perfect” singer gave a good reason, while the “Hello” singer had no explanation.

Sheeran will reportedly be performing in Texas the day before the Coronation concert, making it a challenge to balance his schedule, unlike Adele, who is understood to have no show scheduled for May 7.

A source close to the royal family explained how disappointed the news was for the king, especially as the couple lived in the UK. In their words:

“There is a talent recruitment team, so they approached them but were told they were not available. They are the titans of the showbiz industry. And they’re quintessentially British, but known worldwide. It’s a shame.”

The ‘Sail On’ musician promises to deliver perfection at the upcoming royal coronation

While Sheeran and Adele’s passing on the impending Coronation gig may have put fans down, they were no doubt overjoyed at Richie’s eventual appearance.

Lionel Richie and King Charles at the Prince's Trust International reception

Like The Blast According to the news, the iconic singer was honored by the recording and took no time to express how important the concert was to him. After being named a performer alongside Perry, Richie surprised her and admitted that the king chose her out of all names.

The old man, who has known the monarch “for a long time”, further stated that he was celebrating the monarch’s “now stepping into the royal role” after being a prince for too long.

When asked what he’s looking forward to most about the coronation, Richie said he’s willing to “see all the lights” while promising to give his best regardless of what people think of his fellow legends’ past performances.

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