How does Larsa Pippen feel about Michael Jordan’s disapproval?

Larsa Pippen shared her initial reaction to Michael Jordan’s disapproval of her relationship with her son Marcus.

In case you missed it, the former pro basketball player didn’t seem like the biggest fan of the duo’s romance when asked if he was into it earlier this month. The reality star revealed that she felt embarrassed after learning about the businessman’s comments, even though she noticed them beforehand.

Larsa Pippen revealed that she felt “traumatized” by Michael Jordan’s comment

While Larsa and Marcus have been dating for months after first being linked in September 2022, Michael only spoke publicly about the situation this month.

Although the legendary NBA star was initially reluctant to share his thoughts on the relationship when approached by the paparazzi as he left Matignon in Paris, he finally gave in and said an unequivocal no!

Larsa Pippen at the 2022 Andys Legends Ball at BravoCon

Per The Blast kept his energy up when a paparazzi asked him again if he approved of the duo’s romance and shook his head firmly. As it turns out, he had a conversation with his son about the interaction before it went online.

On Monday’s episode of the ‘Separation Anxiety’ podcast, Marcus told listeners he found the whole thing funny and claimed his father’s comment made him “die laughing”.

A confused Larsa told the man that she “doesn’t think it’s funny. There is nothing funny about that.” While he understood the “Real Housewives of Miami” star’s reasoning, Marcus explained that his entire family was competitive. adding:

“Jordanians are part of our DNA to talk nonsense, you know?” And that starts us off. That’s what motivates us.”

The 32-year-old said that when he first learned of Michael’s comment, he thought the patriarch was “just being playful”. She also hinted at the possibility that her father was “a bit” after indulging in a few tequila shots at Matignon restaurant on the night of the viral dig. He further explained:

“You know, I didn’t put too much weight into it, but I know it made me a little nervous, and when he texted and called, and he obviously wanted to make sure we weren’t misunderstanding things.” I think that helped him feel a little more relaxed.”

The explanation didn’t placate Larsa, who admitted she was “traumatized” by people thinking she lied about their family’s support for the romance.

But the 49-year-old accepted that while their relationship was not strange to them, it was “probably awkward” for her ex-husband Scottie and Michael, who had been at loggerheads for longer than anyone could remember. Scottie occasionally stabs Michael.

Marcus Jordan kisses Larsa Pippen's head.
Instagram | Larsa Pippen

Fortunately, the “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” guest star overcame the embarrassment of people calling her a liar when she said, “I feel like we talked.” It probably helped that Michael “called and texted” Marcus before the story went viral to make sure the younger Jordan “didn’t take anything the wrong way.”

After the article was published, Marcus added that his father texted him again, stating that he “never said ‘hell no,'” and that was not the consequence.

The founder of Larsa Marie can have more children if her beau says so

In a previous episode of the podcast, Larsa and Marcus discussed the possibility of having a child together. Like The Blast Reported last month, Marcus detailed that while there are “(mostly) conversations around it,” he and his partner have yet to delve into the details.

Reiterating his position, the former college basketball star admitted that these conversations arose when introducing friends or meeting new people; she felt “like we never talked about having kids in person.”

Larsa supported the lack of intentionality on the subject, believing it to be “one of those things that I think time will tell.” The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” alum expressed her fulfillment and happiness as a mother of four.

But those feelings didn’t stop the high-end jewelry store owner from recognizing the differences in their parenting experiences and admitting that their decision to have children together fell largely on his shoulders.

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