Honey Boo Boo’s father enters rehab

Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson turns towards Lamar Odom him on his way to sobriety. Maybe the ex-baller is going to a rehabilitation facility.

Sugar Bear reached out to Lamar Odom

Sources let the former reality TV star seek help from a rehab facility for her undisclosed drug addiction. He contacted Odom over the weekend to go to one of his treatment centers.

He is said to be checking into a rehab facility in Kansas on Thursday to begin his detox. Sugar Bear is said to be addicted to prescription painkillers to control his diabetes.

Sugar Bear and Odom reportedly met through their managers last summer and developed a relationship. Because of this friendship, Oldham helped Sugar Bear and he was at the Golden Bridge Treatment Center in Louisburg.

He is now with the Odom Recovery Group

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Fortunately, former reality TV star Odom and his team take over and help him complete a rehab program. After completing the program, Sugar Bear, who has been missing his daughter Alana Thompson for the past few years, hopes to reconnect.

He didn’t specifically say that drugs were the problem in their family dynamic, but let’s face it, who wants to be in their child’s life if they’re addicted to fighting? It will come here at some point Honey Boo Boo star seemed to go up and up. He showed off his new teeth that he got. He beat cancer.

All in all, life seemed to be on the upswing for Sugar Bear, so this rehab stint comes as a bit of a shock to those who have been following the family. Seeing Sugar Bear, he always seemed a little more relaxed compared to his larger-than-life ex-wife, June Shannon.

Lamar Odom is dedicated to helping

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As for Odom, this isn’t the first or last time he’s stuck his neck out to help someone heal. The former professional basketball player struggled with drugs over the years.

He managed to get clean and stay clean and now seems to be devoting his life to helping others get clean. Sugar Bear isn’t the only person Odom has benefited from in recent weeks; in June, he helped another former reality star, Bam Margera, check into a rehab facility and hopefully start getting clean.

Bam Margera is seen after being released from jail after being arrested for trespassing

That turned out to be a bit more of a challenge, as the former pro skateboarder reportedly left the facility while undergoing detox. He hasn’t returned since. While Odom is confident that he plans to get Margera back on track, his focus is now on Sugar Bear.

The Shannon family had a hard time

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While the family is no stranger to sharing their business on TV, they’ve been through serious struggles that few people want to share with the world on WeTV. Mama June. About not being gay Shannon struggles to bring her children back into her life after struggling with addiction, jailing ex-boyfriend Gino Doan, and allegedly abandoning her children.

Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell, Honey Boo boo’s oldest sister, is battling cancer. While she bravely shares some of her struggles on social media, this is just another blow to the family. Hopefully, after Sugar Bear gets help, Alana will eventually be able to reconnect with her father and this family can go back to being at least cordial with each other.

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