Here’s what Lala Kent thought about the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ reunion

Lala Kent is feeling exhausted after filming a grueling reunion episode on “Vanderpump Rules.”

As expected, great anticipation preceded this event after the scandal that rocked the show came to light. The actress, a mainstay of the show, recently shared her thoughts on the reunion and what viewers can expect from the highly anticipated episode.

Lala Kent shares her thoughts on The Explosive’ Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion

After joining the cast in 2015, she quickly became a fan favorite known for her sharp tongue, unapologetic attitude and glamorous lifestyle. But even the quick-witted star has her limits when it comes to drama, which she can handle based on her recent post.

After filming the special, the reality TV star revealed that she is still recovering from the intense experience. She noted that the encounter reportedly turned explosive within minutes of filming, leaving her emotionally drained.

After a seemingly tiring day on set, shared a video on social media of her donning a fluffy teal robe. In the clip, he expressed his exhaustion by saying that “it was the most exhausting meeting of my life.”

She felt exhausted and longed to crawl into a hole and release her emotions through sobs and screams. “But I’m glad to be home with my little one now, to get into bed, watch Seinfeld, and just pull myself together,” added the mom-to-be.

In order to clear negative energy, he mentioned that he intends to perform various rituals, including chanting, prayer and palo santo. Even though she’s still feeling the effects of the intense shoot, she reassured her fans that they won’t be disappointed and will still “enjoy” the upcoming Bravo special.

Co-stars Tom Sandoval and Raquel Levis have reportedly broken up over their months-long affair, which came to light in early March. The source was revealed TMZ that the tension ran high in the first two minutes of the shoot and didn’t ease during the five-hour shoot.

The pair condemned the co-stars for their actions, ending Sandoval’s nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix. The insider described the atmosphere as one where “a nuclear bomb had gone off” before revealing that no one, not even the hosts, supported their actions.

Earlier, ahead of the actual event, the 32-year-old looked fired up and ready for whatever the day would bring. Per The Blastshe even took to social media to throw shade at her co-star Raquel Leviss.

The 28-year-old confirmed she would be attending the TV series’ reunion special, writing on her Instagram story: “Yes, I will be attending the reunion in person tomorrow.”

The author decided to clap back at the model by reposting her announcement, captioning the image: “Can’t wait to see @raquelleviss 😈.” It was one of the few times the star has been refreshingly candid about the former Miss Sonoma County, especially after the shocking revelation of the affair.

Since word of their fling broke, the cast of the popular reality TV show has split into different factions, and it’s clear that Kent is firmly on the side of # TeamAriana .

Lala Kent criticizes Tom Sandoval’s post-cheating statement

Despite the restaurant owner’s recent cheating scandal, The Blast reported that the ‘Trauma Center’ actress was not swayed and made her position clear.

The long-standing tension between the two characters has always been palpable on the show, so it’s no surprise that Kent publicly criticized the musician after he opened up about his infidelity with co-star Raquel Leviss.

Sandoval wrote a lengthy message on social media pleading with fans not to punish his businesses for his indiscretions. He stressed that his partners were not aware of the situation until recently and did not condone his behavior.

Not pleased, the ‘Trauma Center’ star reposted the actor’s statement on her Instagram story alongside a scathing response in the photo. He wrote: β€œWith s*ndo. Shut up. Servants, abort the mission,” then asked why Madix was not apologized for his actions. The ‘Give Them Lala Beauty’ owner also accused her of narcissism and called her terrifying.

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