Here’s What Critics Are Saying About ‘IT: Chapter Two’

It: Chapter Two
IT: Chapter Two

The reviews for IT: Chapter Two are floating in and while many critics are praising Bill Hader’s performance in the movie, they also seem to agree that the sequel just isn’t as scary as the first film.

According to the New York Times critic, A.O. Scott, the movie doesn’t teach the audience much new information about the adult versions of the characters. And Scott also thought that the film was too long and that the sequel features a similar ending to the original movie. Scott wrote,

“It’s not scary or surprising to watch a movie’s heart and imagination being devoured by the same old thing, but it is dispiriting.”

The Hollywood’s Reporter’s, John DeFore, thinks that the story, which takes place 27 years after the first blockbuster movie, should’ve been told in a mini-series format due to its episodic structure. He wrote in his review,

“The series grows monotonous and fails to generate an escalating dread.”

And while DeFore praised Hader’s scene-stealing performance, he said that the older cast lacked the chemistry of the younger cast from the first film. Though the original kids do appear in flashbacks throughout the sequel.

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Meanwhile, USA Today’s Brian Truitt gave IT: Chapter Two, three out of four stars. He praised director Andres Muschietti’s sparse use of Pennywise in the film, which he said,

“It makes the villain’s appearances special.”

But similar to other critiques, Truitt noted that the younger cast outshines the older characters.

And the A.V. Club’s Katie Ride wrote that IT: Chapter Two is not as scary as the 2017 film saying,

“It has some funny jokes, a couple of really good performances, impressive creature and set design, and pleasing cinematography.” But when it comes down to it, IT: Chapter Two just isn’t all that scary.”

IT: Chapter Two creeps into theaters September 6th.