Here’s how Jennifer Garner keeps her kids off social media

Jennifer Garner recently opened up about keeping her teenagers off social media.

Every parent knows the challenge of keeping their children away from their electronic devices. It starts from toddler age and goes all the way to media loving teenagers with TikTok, Instagram and likes.

One celebrity mom has found a loophole and is putting her foot down with her kids, and now she’s opened it up. The “Alias” star went on the “TODAY” show to explain her tactics for keeping her kids offline.

Jennifer Garner reveals how she keeps her teenagers off the Internet

The star of the upcoming Apple TV+ series “The Last Thing He Told Me” spoke out on Tuesday April 11 with Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb on TODAY about how she kept her kids offline.

When asked by the hosts to explain how she got her kids off social media without facing any anger or backlash, Garner said, “I just told my kids, Show them the articles that prove that social media media is good for teenagers. and then we’ll talk.”

Jennifer Garner will host The Big Night Out at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles (BBBSLA).

The mum-of-three added that she told them to “find scientific evidence that matches what I have that says it’s not good for teenagers and then we’ll talk”. The “Dallas Buyers Club” actress was later asked how her children felt about her decision. She revealed that her eldest daughter Violet, 17, appreciated the boundary.

However, 13-year-old Seraphina and 11-year-old Samuel somewhat hindered the decision, as they requested the creation of social media sites. She continued: “My eldest is grateful; it’s a long shot. There are still a few left, so keep knocking. We’ll see if I can hang in there.”

The 50-year-old said your children can access it that “they have all kinds of things online but no social media accounts. Just because they don’t have a social media account doesn’t mean they don’t interact on Instagram and TikTok and all that stuff.”

Garner and her ex Ben Affleck are now co-parenting their children after splitting in 2015 and moving on with another partner. However, for their children, they adjust to their personal choices.

PEOPLE noted how famous parents work keep your children out of the spotlight. In 2013, the doting mom joined a group of star parents led by Halle Berry to pass a law banning unlicensed paparazzi photography of children. She also decided to keep her kids off social media, saying she doesn’t see anything positive in it for them.


“The Adams Project” shared how she became direct and communicative with her children to help navigate the negative press surrounding her family. “I’d tell them, ‘If you see a picture on the front of a magazine, I’ll look at it with you,’ and we’d work through all the scary feelings together.

The father is only interested in what his children think of him. The “Good Will Hunting” actor told Good Morning America in December 2021, “I’m going to be dead a long time ago and somebody’s going to ask my kids, ‘What was your dad like?’ and then I will know that my life is worth living.”

He noted that he founded his production company, Artists Equity, in Los Angeles to be with his children. “One of the reasons I did it was because I was divorced. I share custody. I don’t want to go to Austin and New Orleans and Georgia anymore and I don’t want to see my kids.”

The “Peppermint” star says she avoids sharing news about her family online

The Blast recently noticed this the “Love, Simon” actress works hard to stay out of the news about herself or her ex-husband. He said: “I work hard not to see either of us in the press. It doesn’t make me feel good, even if it’s something nice in one of us.”

Garner shared that she forgets that she or anyone she cares about is “out there in any way.” Saying, “I don’t need anyone in my family being made into a meme.” When asked if she had seen Affleck’s viral memes online, the actress said no, but joked that her ex was “pretty meme-worthy” because of their “really unhappy-looking resting faces.”

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