Helen Mirren Confused About Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ Conspiracy

“Don’t ask about the plot, it’s too complicated,” Mirren said.

Helen Mirren warns that audiences may need superpowers to fully understand the DCU’s ‘Shazam! Wrath of the Gods.”

The actress makes her superhero film debut with the sequel, playing the evil goddess Hespera alongside Rachel Zegler and Lucy Liu. Zachary Levi also reprises his lead role in the Warner Bros. film.

“Don’t ask about the plot, it’s too complicated,” Mirren said on “The Graham Norton Show” (via Insider). “(Lucy Liu and I) are angry goddesses wearing incredibly heavy costumes. It was very hot and uncomfortable, and actually at the end of the first day of shooting, Lucy said, ‘They’re going to kill us,’ in all seriousness.”

The ‘Fast X’ star added: ‘I wanted to do it because I loved the first ‘Shazam!’ It was sweet and funny. I’m not a big superhero type of person, but I liked the idea and happily signed up for the second one. This is great.”

Mirren performed her own stunts, which resulted in a broken finger during production.

“I was incredibly brave and didn’t say anything or complain because I wanted to be a real ‘stuntman,'” Mirren shared.

Director David F. Sandberg summed up the plot as “an extension of the first film”, with Billy, played by both Asher Angel and Levi, “struggling a bit” with his foster family.

“He’s very close to his family because he doesn’t want everyone to just scatter and go about their own business,” Sandberg said. Entertainment Weekly. “He’s just found his family and he wants them all to be together.”

“Fury of the Gods” release date has been changed several times amid Warner Bros. Discovery’s DC shakeup. Dwayne Johnson Starring ‘Black Adam’ Spinoff Movie Also Not Moving Forward With ‘Shazam!’ crossover.

“Shazam! “Wrath of the Gods” isn’t the only head-scratching role Mirren has taken on. The 1923 actress stars alongside Harrison Ford in Paramount+’s “Yellowstone” prequel, which required a “flow chart” to help the cast understand exactly how their characters relate to other generations of the Dutton family.

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