‘Heartbroken’ Dwayne Johnson Speaks About Maui Wildfire Crisis

In a heartfelt and emotional video, beloved actor and former WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as “The Rock,” finally broke his silence regarding the devastating impact of the Maui wildfire crisis.

The actor took to his Instagram account to address his legions of concerned fans, who had fervently pleaded for his response in the face of this catastrophe.

The death toll from the fire outbreak continues to climb, with thousands more missing, as authorities begin efforts to ascertain the degree of damage suffered.

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Dwayne Johnson Is ‘Heartbroken’ About The Fire Crisis

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Johnson candidly shared his concerns and feelings about the wildfire that has ravaged the picturesque island of Maui. His poignant words painted a vivid picture of the gravity of the situation as he expressed his heartbreak over the loss of lives and properties.

“I know that by now all of you around the world have seen the complete destruction and devastation that has hit the ohana islands, our island in Maui,” Johnson began in his Instagram post. “I’m completely heartbroken, and I know all of you are too.”

Jason Momoa CAUTIONS Tourists To Stay Out Of Maui Amid Wildfire Disaster

The actor thanked fans for their love, prayers, and concern amid the crisis, pointing out that he has been communicating with organizations on the ground, helping with relief efforts. He offered a way for fans and concerned followers to donate to relief efforts, pointing them to the Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Fund.

“Heartbroken but our faith and mana is strong. First responders, health care teams, hotels, local businesses, boots on the ground organizations, and all our local heroes, stay strong – we love you and appreciate you,” Johnson captioned the post.

Dwayne Johnson Was Slammed For Not Speaking Up

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The “Black Adam” star’s heartfelt response comes after a growing number of fans expressed their disappointment and frustration over his social media silence regarding the Maui wildfire crisis.

One of his Instagram posts was flooded with comments from fans urging the star to use his influential voice to raise awareness about the environmental catastrophe that has hit the Hawaiian island.

A fan wrote, “Don’t you have Samoan heritage? Shouldn’t you be speaking about the tragic events in Maui? Show concern and raise awareness, please.”

Fans Plead With Dwayne Johnson To Speak Up About Maui Wildfire Crisis As Death Toll Climbs To 93
Instagram | Dwayne Johnson

“Can you please please please bring awareness to the tragic events on Maui caused by fires?” another fan pleaded. “We need support, positive energy, prayers, money donation, anything! Please use your platform to bring awareness!”

Amid the cries for help, other fans of the actor noted that his silence on social media did not mean he wasn’t doing his best to help the situation.

Tourists Seen Frolicking Amid Maui Wildfire Wreckage

Jason Momoa CAUTIONS Tourists To Stay Out Of Maui Amid Wildfire Disaster

Another Hollywood heavyweight of Hawaiian descent, Jason Momoa, also took to Instagram to caution tourists from taking vacation trips to the island, pointing out that the resources left are limited, and hotels should be reserved for the displaced persons.

“Maui is not the place to have your vacation right now,” the “Aquaman” star wrote. “DO NOT TRAVEL TO MAUI. Do not convince yourself that your presence is needed on an island that is suffering this deeply.”

“Mahalo to everyone who has donated and shown aloha to the community in this time of need,” he added, pointing fans to those who want to donate for relief efforts to the same charity organizations as Johnson’s.

According to TMZ, a video of tourists frolicking out in the sea despite the havoc caused by the wildfire in Maui has been going viral online. The gesture, which many termed “insensitive,” led to netizens bashing the excursion company. The company has since apologized, noting that it will now halt business activities and plans to donate proceeds to charity.

Authorities Begin Efforts To Ascertain Degree Damage

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In the wake of the devastating Maui crisis, authorities have swung into action, launching comprehensive efforts to assess the extent of damages caused by the wildfire.

With the death toll now nearing the 100-person mark, teams of experts, search and rescue crews, alongside local officials and environmental agencies, have embarked on a thorough examination of the affected areas, aiming to quantify the destruction and evaluate the impact on both human communities and the fragile ecosystems of the island.

Maui County Police Chief John Pelletier divulged that search crews had covered only 3% of the search area as the death toll climbed to 93, per the New York Post.

“We’ve got an area that we have to contain that is at least 5 square miles, and it is full of our loved ones,” he said, adding that the death toll is likely to grow and “none of us really know the size of it yet.”

Efforts to identify the deceased have proven daunting as Pelletier noted that the corpse “falls apart” when picked up, bringing the number of dead persons identified to two.

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