He cuts costs at Yeezy, lays off employees and replaces them with interns

Kanye West is still trying to grow her fashion line without help, which means cutting costs and people.

You are renewed

Kanye West is seen in good spirits while shopping at SUPREME, showing off his Hummer with his wife Bianca and a friend.

After publicly clashing with Adidas, GAP and Balenciaga, the rapper is reworking his Yeezy brand. His latest move is renting a location on Melrose Ave in WeHo. With new freedom comes new faces,

The “Stronger” rapper has reportedly gotten rid of a piece of his crew, and when we say gotten rid of, yes, we mean not for long. According to that, he works there Radar Online, working to create the best team. He is reportedly dropping a lot of money on American Apparel ex-founder Dov Charney to help his company thrive.

Radar Online shares that Ye has done away with paid employees and replaced them with interns, dozens in fact, apparently enough to keep a fashion house afloat.

You do what he needs

Kanye West heads to a meeting after leaving for church wearing an American flag jacket

Sources close to Ye said American Day that the rapper is working overtime to perfect things. “While Kanye is determined to get Yeezy back and work is underway on his new headquarters in Melrose, he has already cut costs.”

“It’s no secret that he’s been bad with money in the past, and some of the people who worked for him have been let go in the past few weeks or told he can’t afford it right now,” the source continued. The source also dropped the bombshell that Ye is using Craigslist to find interns, something a celebrity of this caliber wouldn’t normally do.

At least you pay them

President Donald J Trump meets with West and Brown

So yeah, it’s a little unusual, but at least they get paid, says the source. “Nevertheless, he advertised interns for her on Craigslist and social media at $16 an hour. They continue. “You want them to do everything from pattern making and pattern sewing to photo editing and social media.”

He believes Charney, who helped him organize things, will likely play a more significant role if the process continues. The source reiterates, “But right now, he’s not bringing in anyone else with a stacked resume, which many worry could hurt him in the future.”

He’s not ready for that yet. You may be traumatized by your experiences at places like GAP, which left a sour taste in your mouth.

The source continued. “There were jokes that the only experienced person was the chef who made sushi for all of them for lunch.”

Your wife is very helpful

Kanye West is seen in good spirits while shopping at SUPREME, showing off his Hummer with his wife Bianca and a friend.

The rapper’s “wife”, Bianca Censori, is also said to adapt to the Yeezy brand and is “hands-on”. The budget is said not to be big, as Ye reportedly lost $2 million a day after his anti-Semitic rant.

Fortunately, Charney is in charge of budgeting and reporting; Edly has a good working relationship with Ye, so the rebrand is off to a good start. On a personal note, Ye was seen celebrating his birthday this week.

The dinner made headlines for several reasons: Censori’s attire and the fact that Ye brought her young daughter North to eat sushi from a naked woman.

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