Hayley Atwell Talks Tom Cruise Saved Her ‘Adrenal Fatigue’

Hayley Atwell spills the beans on how Tom Cruise is a hero not only on the screen, but also behind the scenes.

The actress plays Grace in the new movie ‘Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One’ alongside the famous actor’s character Ethan Hunt. He shared with her that he knew exactly what he needed to survive those death-defying stunts while being gunned down.

Hayley Atwell reveals what saved her from adrenal fatigue

On Monday, E.TNischelle Turner spoke with the 41-year-old woman at the film’s American premiere in New York about the filming of the film. The “Testament of Youth” star recalled that the most challenging stunt with the 61-year-old man was the virtual train carriage scene.

He noted that this involved sprinting down an incline and reaching the bar before the cart went from horizontal to vertical in six seconds. After experiencing the massive feat, the ‘Cinderella’ actress revealed that it affected her so much that her adrenal glands were tired and she looked like a zombie. Speaking to the outlet, Atwell explained further saying:

“Tom said, ‘Are you OK? and I said, ‘I don’t know, Tom, what’s happening to me. I do not know.’ And he said, I know what you need. You need some chocolate and I said yes.

Hayley Atwell a

The “Captain America: The First Avenger” star revealed that the father-of-three quickly gave him some chocolate and he felt better in no time. In fact, he had so much fun that they were able to do the stunt a few more times.

Atwell also revealed that he trained for his impressive stunts in the latest installment of the popular franchise by running in London’s Richmond Park. The TV personality noted that she ran so much that she remembers places where she was “crying, peeing behind a tree, wanting to take a nap and calling her mom saying, ‘I don’t think I can do this.’

The Laurence Olivier Award nominee noted that she also underwent mobility and injury prevention training to ensure she could perform stunts safely and competently. He explained: “So by the time I got on set, I could do anything that was asked of me multiple times and then add performance to it.”

Despite being romantically linked to Cruise a few times in the past, The Blast reported in April that Atwell was engaged to singer Ned Wolfgang Kelly. The musician shared the news on his Instagram account, posting a picture of the pair in bed, with the actress flaunting the stunning diamond.

In the caption, the producer wrote: “I’m lucky! I arrived in Venice at 10am, the love of my life and I got engaged in the kitchen of this weird apartment surrounded by ducks, with a guy outside the window murdering ‘My Way’ on an accordion.”

Tom Cruise serenaded the LA Dodgers with the best gun music!

He continued: “A perfect start to the rest of our life together. I was never interested in getting married…until I met this extraordinary woman. Happy as a clam.”

The summer box office is at last year’s pace, with hopes for “Mission: Impossible.”

Despite the somewhat disappointing performance of some high-profile films, there were hopes that “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” would help boost the box office. The action-packed film is expected to gross $250 million in its five-day global run, including $90 million domestically and $160 million internationally.

Based on Deadlineit has great potential due to its 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the expected “Top Gun: Maverick” halo effect. The final chapter of the franchise was aimed primarily at older guys, with 58% of the audience male and 25% over 45.

However, it was reported that during the testing of the new installment, some customers under the age of 25 saw it for the first time, even though the series has been around for more than two decades. “Dead Reckoning” is Cruise’s fourth film with Oscar-winning director Christopher McQuarrie, following 2015’s “Rogue Nation” and 2018’s “Fallout.”

The advance sales of the film at the same time were well ahead of “Indiana Jones and the Disc of Destiny”. The film’s reported budget was $291 million, which was called into question by Italy’s COVID-related start-up-and-stop production process.

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