'Hawkeye' And 'Ms. Marvel 'will Arrive In 2021

Although we did not expect that it would be Hasbro responsible for confirming the date on which we can enjoy the series of ‘Hawkeye’ and ‘Ms. Marvel ‘at Disney +, his has been such a revelation thanks to the presentation of the toy firm held at the New York Toy Fair.

How? For an oversight, that’s for sure. During this presentation, a graphic has been shown with the novelties of toys that will launch from Marvel for 2021.

As is logical and have noticed all the media that have echoed the news, the company is not going to get any merchandising that does not have its issuance ready for that year. And there were included the titles of ‘Ms. Marvel’ and ‘Hawkeye’ along with others that had already been confirmed by Marvel.

These two series were two of the main unknowns in the immediate MCU catalog that will arrive at Disney +, whose first title will be the series of ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’.

On the one hand, the series on the character of Jeremy Renner had entered a cycle of delays and stoppages that seemed that he would not be able to arrive in time for 2021, the year that Marvel Studios had already dropped in previous presentations.

But it seems that ‘ Hawkeye ‘ will meet the times after all, or at least it won’t be delayed long enough to miss the 2021 Marvel release.

Of course, we still don’t know who will play Kate Bishop. On the other hand, from ‘ Ms. Marvel’ It was expected to arrive in 2022. However, with this new update, everything indicates what will be before when Kamala Khan lands in our lives.