Harry Styles has been called out by fans for being a ‘terrible kisser’

The fans are calling Harry Styles‘ questionable kiss game after a video of her locking lips Emily Ratajkowski went viral.

In recent weeks, the two have sparked speculation that they are now an item, fueled by their romantic display on the streets of Tokyo.

Before they were linked, Styles dated actress Olivia Wilde, while Ratajkowski was rumored to have had an affair with comedian Pete Davidson.

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Is Harry Styles a terrible kisser?

Harry Styles Los Angeles Premiere of Amazon Prime Video's 'My Policeman'

Fans are weighing in on Styles’ kissing skills after he was spotted locking lips with rumored belle Ratajkowski on the streets of Tokyo. Daily Mail.

The singer and model were photographed packing on their PDAs while relaxing in front of a parked car in the Japanese capital.

While the romantic moment certainly sparked more controversy about their rumored romance, fans felt that Styles needed to do a lot more to improve his kissing game, with most saying that he was less than impressive.

“Every movie or video I’ve seen of Harry Styles kissing someone… he seems to be a bad kisser. This is not okay,” said one fan.

Another follower asked why the singer was kissing the mother of one “so awkwardly”, while a third labeled him a “TERRIFYING kisser”.

Another fan said: “It really kills the perfect Harry Styles dream to see him kiss like a 12 year old.”

Harry Styles previously dated Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles on the 40th Brit Awards red carpet

As for why Styles and Ratajkowski were in Tokyo, the singer will be performing at the venue as part of his ‘Love On Tour’ and it seems the model was there to support him.

The two have yet to publicly confirm their romance and apparently prefer to keep things low-key due to the public nature of their past relationships.

Styles previously dated director and actress Olivia Wilde, whom he met on the set of her movie “Don’t Worry, Darling.”

The couple called it quits in November after reportedly having “different priorities that kept them apart.”

Their romance was also strained by Wilde’s custody battle with Jason Sudeikis, which has yet to be finalized.

Past Relationships of Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski

Ratajkowski has been linked to comedian Pete Davidson in recent months, though anything they may have had is long gone.

She was previously married to Sebastian Bear-McClard for four years, but filed for divorce in September 2022, two months after they split amid allegations the film producer cheated on her with other women.

The model recently admitted that she has only been trying to date casually since her divorce. However, the celebrity made it difficult as “everyone knows” when she goes on a date.

“It was also hard because I was trying to date casually and not be whistled and handcuffed and it was hard to do that and be kind of considerate of the people I was seeing because I wasn’t. they absolutely want to know when they are going on another date,” added Per People Magazine.

Emily Ratajkowski on her love life

Emily Ratajkowski at "Sins of the future" Red carpet

In a separate interview earlier this year, the model opened up about her love life and told her podcast that she feels she attracts the “worst men”.

Although she didn’t name names at the time, she hinted at some of the things that went wrong in her previous relationships.

He said lawsuit New York Post, “Sometimes I’m like f**k with him because I want a confident man. I don’t want an overconfident man who has something to prove and tries to prove it through me. This is not what I want.”

She also hinted that her former lovers were intimidated by being a “strong woman” and that they felt “left behind” after dating for a while.

“This is what I hate about… dating men,” she added. “They say, ‘OK, yes, you are special. You did it. And they love and love, and then they slowly pass out and can’t deal with these feelings, and then they resent you. They tear you down and then you’re back to square one.”

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