Harrison Ford had no idea who Jason Segel was before he ‘shrank’

Ford stars in the Apple TV+ series, written and co-produced by “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” star Segel.

Here’s a mystery Indiana Jones can solve: Who is Jason Segel?

According to “Shrinking” executive producers Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein, Harrison Ford was not familiar with Segel’s work before signing on for the Apple TV+ series. “Forgotten Sarah Marshall” star and writer Segel writes, executive produces and stars in “Shrinking,” and Ford plays her on-screen mentor who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Lawrence, who serves as EP, recalled his initial conversation with Ford TV Insider.

Ford: Hey, that’s a really good script. Will I still be in the second?” Lawrence said, adding that she told the “Star Wars” icon, “You can be in it as much as you want.”

Ford replied, “Who else is in it?”

Lawrence said, “I’m going to have Jason Segel call me,” and Ford asked, “Who is Jason Segel?”

Later, Lawrence blurted out, “Oh, I’ll send you some movies first.”

Lawrence added to TVInsider, “I’ve finally reached an age where I’m not as scared or embarrassed by people telling me no as I was when I was a kid,” regarding Ford’s cold calling.

“Shrinking” EP Goldstein said of Ford: “He really connected with the character and wanted to do it. Seeing him do comedy, you could see when we had our first read through, the hilarity in his eyes turned into a huge laugh. It’s fucking funny. I think he’s very happy to be doing a proper comedy, which he hasn’t really done. And he’s very good at it.”

Ford now also leads the limited series “1923”, set in Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” film universe. Ford’s “1923” co-star James Badge Dale admitted that he and Ford needed a “flow chart” to figure out how they were related to Kevin Costner’s character John Dutton in the hit series “Yellowstone.”

“That was the running joke. Harrison and I would be like, ‘I think we’re related, I don’t know how,'” Dale said. “I don’t know the tree. I’ve seen (flowcharts) on the internet where people have tried to create them. I don’t know if these are accurate or not. And here’s the thing, it’s the Taylor (Sheridan) universe. We might say one thing or think one thing and Taylor might decide something else, and we look at 1943 and realize it’s a little bit different and change it.

“Shrinking” premieres on Apple TV+ on January 27.

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