Halsey thanks ‘Energetic’ crowd at Bahrain concert after tough moments

Halsey is on it “Love and Power” tour and just a few days ago, after closing Barcelona and Portugal, he went to Bahrain.

Apparently, he faced a rough crowd there, though he thanked them for the “energy”.

Meanwhile, the mention of “pride” in Bahrain confused some!

Halsey thanks fans for ‘groundbreaking’ concert in Bahrain

Halsey is on tour in Bahrain
Instagram | Halsey

Halsey ended up posting a series of pictures from her concert in Bahrain that showed her enjoying herself on stage, along with some pictures of fans and the audience.

The 28-year-old singer wrote: “Breakthrough and history making show in Bahrain last week. The first summer concert (and during Pride!) and the first for foreign female headliners. 💪🏼 The crowd was incredible, SO much energy. Thank you for being here for me!”

The post comes a week after one fan took to Instagram to complain: “You mean to say you’re in Bahrain? Don’t your Middle Eastern fans deserve to be on your side? You are strong and you can tell where you step up and give the critics. I will be sad if you don’t post anything about us as Arab fans.”

Meanwhile, those watching the concert seemed to be enraptured, praising the “Closer” singer:

“Thank you for stepping up and making one of my dreams come true… hope to see you again someday, please come back.”

“Best night of my life!🔥 I really hope you come to Saudi Arabia next time!! I love you here so much.”

“The concert was really amazing. Thank you Halsey for giving us an unforgettable night in Bahrain.”

However, fans who saw her interacting with concertgoers apologized to her!

Fans apologize for ‘rude male crowd’ in Bahrain

Halsey faced a rough crowd on tour in Bahrain
Instagram | Halsey

While Halsey appreciated the crowd’s energy, it seems some fans got a little rude. While the “Lilith” singer didn’t mention any such rough treatment, some of her fans lamented that the fans she touched nearly dragged her through the barricades into the crowd.

This is what some of the more upset fans wrote:

“I’m sorry the male crowd was rude to you during your interaction with the crowd – I hope you’re ok!”

“So much energy” yes, it shows in the video of the men literally pulling you off the barricade 🙄 I hope you still had a good time, it looked like a killer show 🫶”

Here’s a look at the crowd that seemed to be pulling his hand:

Several people in the audience also complained about the lack of security and organization.

“The organizers of the event failed miserably, they weren’t even there anyway. The place was an ugly zoo. Worst experience and worst concert, shame we didn’t get to enjoy Halsey the way we planned.”

“The performers were amazing but the security failed miserably, grown men kept pushing and shoving us and the security did NOTHING!!! why were there so many employees??? terrible organization!!! there could easily have been a rush of people rushing as soon as the doors opened! next time let people in as a group!”

Halsey praises Drew and Flake for mentioning “Pride.”

Halsey is on tour in Bahrain
Instagram | Halsey

In her caption, Halsey mentioned “pride,” and fans wondered how true that could be since Bahrain is a Muslim country.

One fan wrote: “Is Pride in Bahrain?? I don’t want to be the person to test the limits of tolerance in Bahrain, but go girl!! I’m sure it blew the roof off the place.

Another asked: “What is pride in Bahrain? What did I miss?”. So one Instagram user clarified: “I don’t want to shock you, but Bahrain is the only Arab country that allows homosexuality 🏳️‍🌈. They do. I saw a lot of gays at Halsey’s concert.”

Bahrain seems to be more tolerant of the LGBTQ+ community than its neighbors, which many Instagram users were happy to note.

Still, someone told her, “Halsey, please respect this in the Muslim world.”

For others, it was the Hijab photo, so one Instagram user took a swipe at Halsey, saying:

“Of all the fans you chose to post a photo of some fans in Hijab, I love you because I know that no matter where we come from or what religion we are, you always see us and respect us as we respect and love. ! I’m proud to be your fan, Halsey.

Scroll to the third picture:

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