Halle Berry Advises Women To Not Get Pressured Into Having Kids

Halle Berry got candid about sexuality while challenging societal norms, particularly around women’s health. 

In an essay for Women’s Health magazine, the actress talked about accepting one’s stage in life, defying stereotypes tied to menopause, and asserting self-worth.

Berry emphasized open dialogues on women’s health, urging them to share experiences for collective growth. 

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Halle Berry Wants Women To Embrace Their ‘Sexuality’

Halle Berry at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Halle Berry penned a poignant essay on embracing her evolving sexuality at 56 years old. In a piece for Women’s Health magazine, the “Cat Woman” star emphasized the importance of accepting one’s current stage in life, stating, “The most important thing about owning your sexuality as a woman is accepting the station you’re at – and embracing that. And I say that because I’m smack dab in the middle of menopause.”

Balancing her successful entertainment career, raising two children, and a passionate romance with 53-year-old musician Van Hunt, Berry is redefining what it means to be in her prime. She revealed that she is challenging societal expectations and refusing to succumb to notions like “your life is over” or “you should retire.”

“I’m challenging all those stereotypes about how you have to look a certain way or feel a certain way. I’m my best self now that I have reached 56 years old,” she confidently asserted.

Berry added, “I have zero blanks to give anymore. I’m solidly in my womanhood. I finally realize what I have to say is valuable, even if no one else agrees.”

Halle Berry Encourages Open Conversation Around Women’s Health Issues 

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Berry shared a thought-provoking reflection during her time in Cannes and addressed the taboo often surrounding women’s health matters. She emphasized the need for open conversations on these issues, noting that initiating such discussions can lead to a domino effect of women sharing their experiences. “If you start the conversation, most women will follow. Do you know why? Because it’s something that we’re dying to do.”

Berry talked about the deprivation of such discussions and the eagerness to connect with others over shared experiences, adding, “It’s something that we’ve been deprived of, and it’s something that we want to share with one another. We just need permission to do it.”

Highlighting the power of community, she stated that women can learn and grow from each other’s stories, gaining valuable insights and discovering better ways to manage their health. “We’re all going through it. And we learn from one another when we talk about it, when we become curious, and when we share with each other what we’re going through. We educate each other and we give each other ideas. We understand how to manage things better,” she explained.

Halle Berry Speaks On Pressures Of Childbearing 

Halle Berry

In a departure from conventional norms, the globally renowned actress offered her perspective on motherhood, shedding light on her own journey of welcoming children in her 40s.

She urged those in their mid-30s not to be constrained by societal expectations of parenthood by a certain age.  “If you’re in your mid-30s, don’t be bogged down by the idea that you have to have children by a certain age. You decide,” Berry wrote.

The “Monster’s Ball” actress challenged her audience to consider their choices consciously, stressing that parenthood entails significant sacrifices and is not “what women “have” to do.”

She added, “Do it only if you want to, because you give up a lot of your personal life to growing those other lives. And maybe you’re not a woman who wants to do that. No harm, no foul, no judgment. Be clear about who you are and how you wanna live your life because it’s yours and yours alone to live.”

Turning her attention to those in their 20s, she champions the phase of exploration, self-discovery, and curiosity. “If you’re in your 20s, own that. Own the era of exploration. Earn the era of real curiosity. Earn the era of trying to figure out who you are,” she encouraged. 

“Take your time and figure yourself out. You don’t have to be rushed, you don’t have to be forced. It’s not a race.”

‘It’s For A Health Benefit’

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The actress offered insightful advice to women, emphasizing the importance of staying connected with their bodies and maintaining an active lifestyle.

She stated that the purpose of working out transcends mere appearance—noting, “When we’re working out, it’s not for a look. It’s for a feeling, right? It’s for a health benefit. And by feeling good and having those health benefits, the byproduct is okay, you also look good.”

Berry added, “But looking good is never the motivation. It’s always about a feeling and about a health benefit.”

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