Guest Banned From Disney World After Pushing Elderly

A woman was penetrated Disney World after he was accused of pushing several senior citizens a Seven Dwarfs Mine Train row, is found Magic Kingdom Park.

Eboni McFarley, 31, was banned from the park and arrested after two elderly guests, who were visiting from Maryland, said McFarely pushed them in line to the popular roller coaster to meet other members of his party.

Woman pushes the elderly

The guest was banned from Disney after he molested several senior citizens

According to court records, McFarley, who has four children, made it past the two Maryland women, ages 73 and 64, while waiting in line to join other members of the popular Magic Kingdom roller coaster Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

The incident happened back in February, but the sheriff’s department just released the arrest report WDWNT.

The guests from Maryland say they didn’t let McFarley through because they told him he had to stand in line like everyone else, at which point McFarley “became agitated” and pushed himself past the two women, according to the arrest report.

The arrest report also said McFarley used his fingernails to scratch the 73-year-old woman’s right arm, causing her to bleed, as he pushed past the two elderly women.

The report also stated that the two Maryland women were “quick to insist that there was nothing casual or random about the way Eboni came into contact with them.” They also said they were willing to testify in court and prosecute McFarley; however, it appears that McFarley will not be punished.

Others witnessed the incident

The guest was banned from Disney after he molested several senior citizens

Others in line witnessed the altercation, some of whom admitted to being pushed by McFarley, including a large family visiting Disney World from Illinois.

The family told police they witnessed what happened between the two Maryland women and McFarley, and also cited another guest, a 52-year-old woman, who confronted McFarley and told him not to touch her nobody. The 52-year-old guest also had photos on his phone showing part of the fight.

At that point, McFarley became physical again, pushing a 23-year-old Illinois woman against a wall and moving on past three male guests, ages 17, 22 and 72, according to the arrest report.

The Illinois family said no one was injured in the altercation at Walt Disney World and said they do not want to press charges.

McFarley speaks

The owner of Jersey Mike was banned from Disney after being slapped behind the cast

McFarley spoke to police after the incident and claimed he was the victim of the situation and did nothing wrong.

According to the deputy who investigated the incident, “They claimed they felt they were being victimized and profiled because they were African-American. Eboni insisted that he did not hit or push anyone. She expressed concern that her children were touched during the incident, but my investigation did not reveal any information to support this. He also noted in the arrest report that he did not question the children.

After an initial investigation, law enforcement concluded that McFarley had committed an assault, so he was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail. He was then transferred to the custody of the Orange County Department of Corrections.

Battery charges were initially filed, but the Assistant State’s Attorney’s office then determined the case was “not suitable for prosecution,” according to Orange Circuit Court records.

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