Google goes pink for Barbie as a feminist message to fans in the audience

Google is pink. Actually, nothing, Google is pink Barbie and KenMargot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and Greta Gerwig.

More on that later when the fan reactions to the film start to trickle in along with the reviews and it’s clearly one of those movies that women love and real men, Ken. The goal of all puns!

Google Pink For Barbie

Google goes pink for Barbie

Thus, if you type Barbie, Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling or Greta Gerwig in the Google search bar will now be all pink with some confetti explosions! And that’s perhaps the biggest nose-thumb Gerwig and her “baby team” can give to the men who hate the movie and call it a feminist claptrap.

Something like this, here!

“Rolling Stone” raves about the filmas he wrote a glowing review that ends with the mother of all sentences:

“The victory that Gerwig, Robbie and Gosling—along with supporting cast and crew reveling in the thought of joining a charity Barbie party—slips into heady imagery of sexualization, capitalism, social devolution, human rights, and self-empowerment under the guise of a lucrative brand-extending memory lane? It’s enough to make you dizzy. We weren’t kidding about the “subversive” part above; similar to “hit”. A big movie can still have big ideas in 2023. Even for a Barbie movie. Especially a Barbie movie.

Although not everyone is a fan, such as Written by Wall Street Journal film critic Kyle Smith: “As bubbly as the film may seem, its screenplay is like a grumpier-than-average women’s studies seminar,” she says, “the film is sure to wow moviegoers who thought they were buying tickets to ‘Fun Barbie.’

Meanwhile, Rotten Tomatoes is a fan!

Fans are in love with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie & Ken

After a point, fans don’t know which of the two leads, Margot Robbie or Ryan Gosling, did better as Barbie and Ken.

And no, the audience wasn’t just “youths,” as this Instagram user shouted loud and clear! “I’m not ashamed to say I’m 44 and Barbie is hot!” Others felt Margot Robbie was born for the role, wondering, “Margot Robbie Barbie or Barbie Margot Robbie?”

Even more were fans of the entire cast, commenting: “Barbie is another Greta Gerwig banger!! Greta Gerwig has proven yet again why she is one of the finest filmmakers out there today. It was the funniest movie of the year, but it was also much more than that. Greta’s writing and directing was PHENOMENAL!! Margot and Ryan, wow.”

Ryan Gosling fans abounded, as one Twitter user quoted: “Behind every great Barbie there’s a Ken who’s totally fine with it. Hopefully it’s right behind him in case he needs anything, because he deserves it. Because she’s Barbie and he’s just Ken. And he’s totally fine with that.”

Here’s Ken, just Ken, and it’s KENough!

For many fans, Barbie is about embracing feminism

Margot Robbie as and as Barbie
Instagram | BarbieTheMovie

For many fans, the “Barbie” movie is pure feminism that thumbs its nose at the patriarchy, sometimes without meaning to.

One Twitter user wrote: “I she laughed, cheered, cried and looked at him with satisfaction #Barbie. More than just a ‘camp’ film, it’s about embracing femininity and femininity and takes a witty jab at the patriarchy. I actually had tears in my eyes but a smile on my face. I loved. I’ve never had more fun.”

Others felt it was an exercise in humility, commenting:Funny how men hate it #Barbie saying it’s a “man-hating” movie, but they don’t realize that the Kens have the same roles that women in real life did in the 1950s, and some still do today. Maybe men shouldn’t be commenting on this movie.”

Of course, there were plenty of male fans, because behind every Barbie there is a Ken!

Here’s the trailer, just to show you, this Barbie is a SLIDE!

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