Golden State Warriors ‘Rep the Bay Area’ at the White House

Dub Nation got a different kind of dubbing on Tuesday… the reunion dubbing President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in the White House.

The Golden State Warriors celebrated their 2022 NBA Championship at the White House. NBA teams have had a long tradition of visiting the White House, with the Boston Celtics first visiting the White House in 1963. Kennedy administrationthen an annual event starting with Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

The team last visited the White House seven years ago to celebrate its first championship, then returned Tuesday to celebrate its fourth title. But they also made sure to represent the team’s hometown, the Bay Area.

The Warriors and Kamala Harris celebrate the Bay Area

The team posted a photo on social media showing a smiling shooting guard Jordan Poole with Harris with the caption, “Bay Area Icons.”

Harris, an Oakland native, showed his excitement to welcome the Warriors.

“As a very proud daughter of Oakland, California, as Vice President of the United States, it gives me immense pride to say… ‘Dub Nation is in the house,’” Harris exclaimed.

Not only did the basketball team visit the Oval Office, but so did the Bay Area’s best in hip-hop.

In another post, captioned “Bay Area reppin’ at The White House,” rappers Mistah FAB, E40, Sway and Too Short brought their West Coast pride to the White House.

The rappers introduced themselves in the video, joking, “And we’re Secret Service guys from the Warriors.”

The Golden State Warriors share their credit

Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson also shared his appreciation for his team, the Warriors organization, and the president and vice president.

After the team failed to make the playoffs in 2020 and 2021, the Warriors’ championship victory in 2022 boosted them. dynastic support.

“This is the culmination of all our hard work, perseverance and grit over the years,” concluded Thompson. “It’s been a process and to be here and celebrate is like the cherry on top.”

Stephen Curry, the player of the Warriors, also spoke about the impact of sports at a press conference held on the podium of the White House.

“(I’m grateful) to have the opportunity to reflect on last year’s performance and also to recognize that sports bring people together from all walks of life,” Curry said.

The Warriors thank President Biden for freeing Brittney Griner

The impact of sport goes even further. As part of today’s meeting, Curry thanked President Biden for bringing him home Brittney Griner. Griner, of the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury, was sentenced to nine years in a penal colony after being found guilty of attempting to smuggle illegal drugs.

After ten months of his sentence, the Biden-Harris administration began a prisoner trade to release him. The Russian government freed the 32-year-old woman after the US government exchanged her for Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer. “Dealer of Death” — a moniker earned for the purpose of selling weapons to those who claimed their plan was to kill Americans.


In a brief CBS News article, Curry said, “(This is) a great opportunity for us as part of the basketball community to thank President Biden and his staff for their hard work and diligence to get him. Brittney Griner home who is a big part of our basketball family,” Curry said. “It means a lot to know that he’s safe here and at home with his family and the work behind the scenes to make this a reality.”

As another thank you, Curry presented President Biden with a “46” jersey to mark his 46th presidency, and Curry presented Harris with a “1” jersey to show that she was the first woman and the first woman of color to become vice president. president.

Curry wrapped up the team’s visit today by sharing his final thoughts on his day as he hopes for more championship visits.

“Hey, what’s up Dub Nation, we’re at the White House,” Curry said. “It was an incredible day to celebrate our championship. We got to meet with President Biden and Vice President Harris and just celebrate the amazing accomplishments that we all accomplished last year. Hopefully we will come back with another trophy. Shout out to Dub Nation – let’s go!”

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