Geena Davis recalls allegedly awkward moments with Bill Murray

Geena Davis he does not have pleasant memories of working with actors and directors Bill Murray in the “Rapid Change” section.

During a recent podcast appearance, the actress shared that the actress filmmaker forced her to do something “inappropriate” during a meeting with him.

She also recalled a time when he screamed and cursed at her, leaving her an emotional wreck while acting completely uninterested.

In a previous interview, he spoke about how he behaved despicably at his hearing, describing the incident as “devastating”.

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Bill Murray wanted him to do something ‘inappropriate’

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During its publication In with Kara Swisher podcast, Davis discussed the alleged abuse she experienced with Murray on the set of the 1990 film “Quick Change.” Insider.

The incident in question, previously discussed in his memoir Dying of Polity, occurred when Davis met the filmmaker and other showrunners in a hotel suite for a meeting. However, just before the meeting began, Murray urged her to try out his personal massage device called “The Thumper.”

Davis noted that she initially refused to agree to his request, but the filmmaker continued to push his way. The actress also recalled feeling like she wanted to scream at him, “Stop asking! I won’t,” but I was “too shy” to follow through on his thoughts.

She finally let him “do it” for a few seconds, only to realize Murray’s plan “was just to see if he could get (her) to do something inappropriate.”

Geena Davis recalled another incident when the actor screamed and cursed at her

Beetlejuice star Geena Davis has settled her ugly divorce after a five-year legal battle

In another part of the conversation, the actress recalled another time that Murray behaved rudely with her during the filming of the crime drama.

At the time, Davis was waiting for the costume crew to finish preparing for a huge scene when Murray walked into the trailer and started “screaming” and “swearing.”

“Get the fuck out!” What the hell are you doing? Move! Move!” Davis recalled on the podcast. “And he got behind me and screamed in my ear, ‘Move! Move faster! Move!'”

Admitting that he was “literally shaken” by the incident, Murray continued filming as usual as if everything was fine.

“Talking about it, even — it’s very emotional for me,” Davis added. “You know, because I was so ashamed of someone who wanted to do things right.” You know?”

Geena Davis regrets ‘devastating’ interview with Bill Murray

Beetlejuice star Geena Davis has settled her ugly divorce after a five-year legal battle

In an interview I News Last October, the Thelma and Louise star shared that Murray’s nefarious actions began when he auditioned for Quick Change.

The actress previously spoke on “The Arsenio Hall Show” about the audition process, saying that “the first thing (Murray) did was take my shirt out of my pants and my stomach started tickling.”

While the “Long Kiss Goodnight” star and the audience laughed at the incident, Davis told the outlet that in retrospect, it was a “devastating” feeling for her.

Davis said of the experience, per Insider“If I told it like that, just as a humorous anecdote, I must have thought, ‘Well, it’s funny after all, or it makes a good story,’ when in fact it was so devastating.”

Another actor revealed that he was harassed by Bill Murray

Bill Murray

Davis is just one of many actors who have recounted their disturbing encounters with Murray. Seth Green, who met the director on the set of “Saturday Night Live,” called Murray one of the rudest celebrities he’s ever met.

“He saw me sitting on the arm of the chair and made a big fuss about me sitting in his seat.” Green recalled meeting the director in the “SNL” green room Insider.

The actor, who was 9 at the time, said they had a heated exchange that ended with him telling Murray: “Are you that much of a jerk? You’re so rude to tell a nine-year-old to get off your seat — what’s a power play?’”

Enraged by the comment, the “Ghostbusters” actor grabbed Green by the ankles and “hung” him over a dumpster.

Green said she was “horrified” and in tears after the encounter, but was comforted by other “SNL” cast members.

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