Gavin Rossdale has been sued over the ex-drummer’s 25th anniversary tour

Gavin Rossdale a former drummer is facing a lawsuit.

Robin Goodridge claims that he “dedicated almost three decades of his life to playing drums for the English rock band Bush.

Goodridge was unexpectedly and without reason fired from the band by his old bandmate Rossdale.

Gavin Rossdale was sued by the former drummer

Gavin Rossdale takes his dog for a walk

Bush was founded in London, England in 1992 by Rossdale, Goodridge, Nigel Pulsford and Dave Parsons.

Goodridge was instrumental in the band’s founding and international success over the next 30 years. His sudden dismissal had a devastating effect on fans of Goodridge and Bush around the world.

Rossdale’s “insensitive behaviour” did not end with Goodridge’s dismissal. Her ex-husband Gwen Stefani he has since refused to pay Goodridge the money owed to him in connection with the band.

Goodridge claims he was wrongfully terminated

Notably, in or around March 2019, Rossdale and Bush, Inc. hired Goodridge to play on Bush’s 25th anniversary tour, “The ALT-IMATE Tour”, later that year, promising 25% of the tour’s profits will pay him

Goodridge claims she was fired without warning before the tour’s first stop and claims Rossdale refused to pay her tour profits.

Gavin Rossale is seen in the park while out and about in Studio City

He also claims that he, as a founding member, owns 25% of the registered trademark “Bush” and that Rossdale allegedly breached the Bush trademark agreement between the band’s founding members.

Specific damages were not disclosed, but Goodridge is also seeking a permanent injunction against Rossdale and Bush, Inc. from using the Bush trademark.

Rossdale was also fighting a heated battle with his wife over custody of their aging dog.

Stefani and Rossdale tied the knot in April 2016 and have been married for over a decade. They have three children and a Pomeranian named Chewy.

Rossdale Van in A bitter custody battle with Gwen Stefani as the dog

Gavin Rossale is seen in the park while out and about in Studio City

The British band member has had sole custody of Chewy since 2016, despite the dog reportedly being closer to the “Sweet Escape” singer.

According to sources, the 57-year-old declined the No Doubt singer’s request to spend quality time with their beloved four-legged friend before the fading pooch crosses the rainbow bridge. RadarOnline has learned.

Gwen Stefani

“Gwen is desperate to see the dog and spend some cherished time with Chewy, but Gavin is having none of it and has turned the dog into a pawn in his long-running war with him,” said an insider.

“It’s just the kind of petty and childish thing these two do to each other when life requires them to cooperate in some way!” said the source.

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