Friends of Wendy Williams are worried about new people in her life

Wendy WilliamsFriends are concerned about the nature of the people who have recently entered your life. The ‘new company’ led by the television personality is said to have raised concerns among close friends.

The former host of The Wendy Williams Show is looking to sell her properties as she prepares to move to Los Angeles after her highly-anticipated podcast was canceled due to health concerns.

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Wendy Williams’ ‘New Company’ worries her friends

Wendy Williams' health is said to be in a bad place and on the decline

Based on Page sixthe ‘Think Like A Man’ actress has left her friends worried about the people around her lately.

A source told the news outlet: “Wendy doesn’t have many real friends, but the few she does have are a cause for concern among those who really care about her.”

According to the insider, Williams, 58, has jewelry and expensive purses lying around the house as she prepares to move, causing concern when people come over to her home.

“Wendy’s not in the best frame of mind, so unfortunately people are taking advantage of that,” the source added.

He wants to move

Wendy Williams

Williams wanted to sell his properties and is looking for buyers as he moves from New York to Los Angeles.

Page Six says She plans to move in early April and has tried to sell some of her prized possessions, including the iconic purple chair she used on her popular talk show.

“Wendy called people and asked them to help sell all her belongings. He’s asking for recommendations on places to sell you furniture,” a source told the news agency.

Fans got a glimpse of the beautiful decor of her $3 million New York apartment when she filmed several episodes in 2020 about her time at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Williams returned to the big screen with a planned podcast before it was canceled and friends claimed he told them “no podcast”.

“It’s weird because he’s saying there’s no podcast, but he’s also telling people he’s going back to TV. It’s hard to figure out what the basis of reality is,” said an insider Daily Mail.

Wendy Williams celebrated her new lease on life

Wendy Williams in a leopard print dress

The “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” alum, who has been in and out of rehab for alcohol addiction, was recently spotted drinking at an LGBT+ bar in New York City.

Law a Page six According to the report, the whole place “exploded” when Williams entered and posed with several gay men. Shawn Zanotti, her publicist, said she enjoyed acknowledging her fans and celebrating the “new things” in her life.

“Wendy has spent most of her life in the public eye, and when she’s out she likes to acknowledge her fans,” Zanotti said of Williams’ night in NYC. “He’s happy and wants to celebrate because he’s got a new life.”

Zanotti also shared that Williams loved spending time at the gay bar where he was spotted because he “loves his fans and is fully supportive of the LGBTQ community, which is a big part of his fan base.”

Fans are worried about Wendy Williams’ health

Wendy Williams at Fox 29 Studios

Daily Mail reported that Williams has been open about her health after fans were outraged by her shocking weight.

Fans were worried about the former talk show host after she was spotted leaving a building in New York disheveled while wearing tiny cut-off denim shorts and flaunting her small frame.

According to the news source, the actress, who has a number of health issues including lymphedema and Graves’ disease, showed off her toned waist as she spoke to photographers about trying to look younger.

Williams testified that he had seen a doctor and told him how much it was at the time. Fans of the former talk show host were concerned about his recent relapse into drinking.

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