Florida MPs resign after having sex at Disney World On Duty

After Crimeline A tip came in last May, and there was a protracted investigation that looked at two Orange County MPs accused of having sex while on duty Walt Disney World property and other places.

Officer Skylar Miller and his superior, Robert Garnerboth resigned after an internal investigation was launched, leading investigators to discover that the two were in a relationship.

During the investigation, footage from the driver and body camera was checked, which revealed that both were turned off at the same time and in the same location, prompting further investigation.

An investigation is underway

Orange County Florida
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Based on WFTVAfter reviewing records, testimony and other evidence, investigators determined that Corporal Garner and Deputy Miller engaged in consensual sexual intercourse on multiple occasions while on duty, including one at Disney Springs on Walt Disney World property.

According to the report:

“After a comprehensive review of available records, testimony and other evidence obtained, the investigation revealed the following: According to their sworn statements, Corporal Garner and Deputy Miller met on numerous occasions in 2021 and 2022 and engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. were on duty as a sworn member of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Locations varied, including Deputy Miller’s residence, a church parking lot, and Disney Springs. The evidence collected during the investigation supported their confession. Specifically, DriveCAM records that supported timelines and locations. Additionally, Axon’s records confirmed that they turned off their body-worn cameras at intervals and locations when their patrol vehicles were in the same geographic area.

Corporal Garner told investigators when he testified that he turned off his body camera so he could take off his uniform.

Deputy Miller also testified that he did not disclose their relationship to his superiors, which both officers said was wrong.

The investigation determined that a third officer was also involved

Orange County Sheriff's Office
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Miller’s Orange County deputy also testified that he had sex with another officer, Angel Mendoza, because Mendoza knew about Miller’s relationship with Garner and hoped that having sex with him would silence him.

Miller and Mendoza also had sex in Disney’s service and in a storage closet.

According to the investigative report, “According to their affidavits, Deputy Miller and Deputy Mendoza met on numerous occasions in 2021 and 2022 and engaged in consensual sex while serving as sworn members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. .”

All three officers resigned.

Sheriff John Mina releases a statement following the investigation

Orange County Sheriff's Office
Instagram | Orange County Sheriff’s Office

The investigation report was 51 pages long and dates back to the beginning of 2021. Orange County Sheriff John Mina said of the investigation: “We hold our deputies to the highest ethical standards at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. It is unacceptable for them to behave this way in the line of duty – when they should be answering calls and protecting our community.”

He continued: “These former MPs are not worthy of the uniform worn by those who serve with integrity and honor.”

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