Flavor Flav shares heartfelt news about his journey to sobriety

Flavor Flav updated his fans on his journey to sobriety.

The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner shared on his platform that in addition to his certificate of excellence, he has been smoke-free for three years.

He also revealed that he has been free of alcohol and drugs for several years and thanked his fans and family for their endless support throughout.

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A taste of Flav’s sobriety journey

Flavor Flav

Flav took to Instagram to share an update on his “sobriety journey” and thanked those who supported him along the way.

The hype man and rap singer, who started smoking at the age of 6, revealed that he has now been ‘clean for 3 years’.

He also noted that he has left other mistakes behind him, such as alcohol and drugs, and advised those still struggling with addictions not to give up.

He wrote: “I will soon be 3 years sober from alcohol. And I have been sober from drugs for 15+ years. I am proud to share my journey to sobriety and thank you to my friends, family and those who support me.”

The singer added: “For anyone struggling with addiction, it’s a real battle they fight every day. But I’m still here and you know what, I DID IT and if I can do it, anyone can!!!”

Flavor Flav is asking the media not to use his past for clickbait

Flavor Flav

In his update, Flav also warned media outlets not to use his past story for “clickbait” headlines.

He said: “To all the media that try to capitalize on my benign themes and bring up my past or old interviews to get sensational clickbait headlines, do better and bring up my future.”

While doubling down on his comments, the 64-year-old rapper asked that the stores “allow people to grow and change in a supportive way.”

He continued: “Don’t let anyone hang on to your past, I wear the watch, my watch goes clockwise, not anti-clockwise, look forward, not back.”

Along with his post, Flav also shared a certificate of excellence for being smoke-free for three years, awarded by the Smoke-Free organization. His post has since gained thousands of likes from his 317,000 followers.

Fans react to Flavor Flav’s post

Flavor Flav

In the comments section, fans applauded Flav’s resilience, with many noting that his journey to sobriety was inspiring.

One fan said: “Congratulations! I am sure you will be an inspiration to many who read this and hopefully they will follow in your footsteps!”

“Nicotine is the hardest thing to quit, but once you’re done, you’re DONE. Congrats on the Taste,” said another follower.

A third fan said: “So proud of you! You are truly an inspiration to us all,” alongside three fire emojis.

Flavor Flav

Another person said: “I love this message! So proud of your friend! You look amazing, happy to see you glowing. I love you Flav.”

A fourth fan commented: “Congratulations! I’ve always been a big fan of yours. Thank you for keeping it real.”

Others have shared their own success stories about giving up their addictions.

One fan commented: “Congratulations. I quit a few years ago myself. I’m proud of you and glad you did it. You are an amazing legend, pioneer and great person. Keep up the amazing work. Love and respect.”

He spent nearly $3,000 a day on rock cocaine

Flavor Flav

Earlier this year, the legendary Flavor Flav revealed that while he was still an addict, he spent nearly $3,000 a day on rock cocaine.

“There was a time when I was spending $2,400 to $2,600 a day for six years… you do the math,” Flav said while appearing on the Off the Record podcast with DJ Akademiks. New York Post. “I spent that much on drugs.”

“I’m not going to lie, I sold a lot — but I was my best customer,” the 63-year-old Public Enemy rapper added. “I had a lot of money back then, I just did bad things with my money.”

The hip-hop legend also expressed his belief that his recovery from drug addiction was divine intervention, allowing him to alert others to his mistakes and help them find a better path.

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