Fans Slam Tori Spelling For Being ‘Broke’ & Having Plastic Surgery

Tori Spelling’s new look is making fans do a double-take!

The TV personality, whose living conditions have been a cause for concern in recent months, debuted a physique with the internet screaming “Plastic Surgery.”

The blonde beauty is known for rocking an ageless figure and having an impressively toned body for a woman in her fifties. However, a social media update showed that the “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?” actress looked unrecognizable.

Spelling’s followers wasted no time calling out the mother of five over her new physical features. Many slammed the Los Angeles native for artificially enhancing her looks, while others compared her concerning figure to that of Wendy Williams.

Tori Spelling Sparks Plastic Surgery Speculations For Looking Thinner Than Ever

The “Stori Telling” author’s Instagram became a backlash center after the 50-year-old shared a carousel from her recent interaction with fans. She attended the Tampa Convention Centre and paid homage to one of her most iconic characters, Donna Martin, from the “Beverly Hills 90210” franchise.

Tori Spelling sparks plastic surgery rumors after recent appearance
Instagram | Tori Spelling

The actress was joined by her former co-star Brian Austin Green and her stylist Laura Rugetti at the 90’s Con, where the mother of five had a booth dedicated to her fictional character. The first slide showed the trio posing with the Los Angeles native in a white crop top and baggy jeans.

The casual attire exposed the entertainer’s arms and lower abdomen, revealing a thinner appearance. Additionally, Spelling’s glammed-up face seemed to have changed like the rest of her body.

 Although the 50-year-old echoed her excitement for fans to purchase her Donna Martin Graduates merchandise in the caption, netizens were concerned about her new features.

Referencing Spelling’s living conditions, a follower quipped: “I don’t understand; if you’re that broke, how do you afford all those fillers in your face? Your face is overfilled….” Another displeased fan chimed, “Tori looks like a Bratz doll,” while others compared her looks to Wendy Williams.

“Why does she look like Wendy Williams, though?!” Someone wondered, referring to the talk show host’s weight loss following a series of health scares. “It’s Wendy Williams. Girl, stop with plastic surgery. Nothing going to help,” a social media user advised Spelling.

“What did she do to herself,” a netizen asked while another conspiracy theorist claimed the TV personality had faked an illness to cover up her cosmetic surgery. “She wasn’t in the hospital for a mystery illness; she wasn’t there recovering from plastic surgery,” the individual began.

“She ain’t been this tiny n forever, and she wasn’t this tiny in the camper a month ago…SMH, these people with too much money, fame, and attention think the world is idiots and can’t see what’s going on,” the fan continued, slamming celebrities for living in a “narcissistic, delusional world.”

More backlash followed with a Spelling admirer noting that they loved the blonde beauty, but her new face was unacceptable. “It doesn’t even look like Tori Spelling, she doesn’t look good,” a concerned netizen penned.

The ‘CelebraTORI’ Author Moved To An RV After Living In A Motel

A month before shocking fans with her new physique, the Los Angeles native raised eyebrows with her living conditions. In August, the mother of five and her kids were spotted in an RV home shortly after they lived in a $100-per-day-budget motel.

The group was seen parking their mobile house at a Ventura County campground in California. Paparazzi captured the “Scream 2” actress arriving at the campground and setting up her living quarters with her kids.

They were seen off-loading camping essentials like camping chairs, a cooler, a stove, a pop-up table, and even spicing up their outdoor experience with a large rug. The media personality’s RV move was a significant transition from her bougie lifestyle. However, her estranged husband, Dean McDermott, believes financial constraints do not cause the erratic change.

Sources close to the Canadian actor and the mother of his kids revealed that their family friends were shocked by Spelling’s actions. “They do not understand why she would be doing this without sympathy. She has money,” the insiders explained.

Dean McDermot celebrates birthday with Tori Spelling and kids

According to the informants, the “Chopped Canada” host was concerned about his children’s safety and frustrated by his estranged wife’s unwillingness to accept “offers from friends to stay in their homes.”

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