Fans Gush Over How ‘Great’ Jamie Foxx Looks With New Girlfriend

Jamie Foxx and his girlfriend, Alyce Huckstepp, were recently seen stepping out for a meal in public. The famous actor had a giant grin, and fans couldn’t help but comment on how “great” he looked.

The two are currently on vacation in Mexico, which is Foxx’s first trip following his recent health scare that led to an extended stay in a rehabilitation facility.

Huckstepp was said to have supported him throughout the ordeal, which further grew their bond. Recent reports have revealed that Foxx has been discussing getting married to the former fitness model.

Jamie Foxx And Alyce Huckstepp Were All Smiles For Their Outing

Foxx was recently spotted out in public with his girlfriend, Huckstepp, on what appeared to be a meal outing during their vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

A picture of the duo, which circulated online, featured the “Django” actor and the former fitness model smiling while walking.

Huckstepp donned a stunning black top with tiny straps and a plunging neckline. She complemented her outfit with a matching skirt and shades.

Meanwhile, Foxx wore a similar color scheme for his outfit: a black and gold graphic print tee and black joggers. He added a tan cowboy hat and transparent shades to his look.

Fans were pleased to see Foxx again in public, living his life to the fullest. On X (formerly known as Twitter), a fan commented, “he looks great,” while another replied, “Yeah, he does look like he’s back in the gym, too.”

“Brother got good taste,” tweeted a third and a fire emoji. A fourth person noted, “Good to see Jamie Foxx after that health scare.”

Jamie Foxx And Alyce Huckstepp Are On Vacation

The recent sighting comes after Foxx and Huckstepp were spotted arriving at the resort city for their romantic getaway.

At the time, the duo also walked hand in hand to their lodge, which seemed to be their favorite way of displaying affection for each other in public.

They also sported stylish all-black outfits, complemented by wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and crisp white shoes.

Sometime later, the Huckstepp Creative CEO did away with her outer clothing to reveal a white tank top and black shorts, possibly in preparation for a refreshing swim in the resort’s pool.

Meanwhile, Foxx stuck to most of his attire, removing his black sweatshirt to reveal a white crew-neck shirt. He also took a trip to the beach, bringing a pair of binoculars to enjoy sightseeing.

Jamie Foxx’s Girlfriend Supported Him Throughout His Recovery

Jamie Foxx Spotted In Public Returning Lost Purse To A Woman After Recovering From A Mystery Illness

According to reports, “things are going well” with Foxx and Huckstepp, which their latest outdoor sightings have further confirmed.

Although the two have been an item since August 2022, the “Ray” star’s recent health scare brought them closer.

“Aside from his family, Alyce has been a huge source of support throughout his recovery process. She makes him happy, and they spend as much time together as possible,” a source told US Weekly earlier in the month.

The source added, “They’ve told one another they love each other and have an amazing time whenever they’re together.” It was also claimed that Huckstepp’s “great sense of humor” helped blossom the relationship, as “she’s able to keep up with Jamie.”

The insider continued, “They have a very playful banter, and she keeps him on his toes, which he loves.”

He Allegedly Wants To Get Married To Alyce Huckstepp

Jamie Foxx Spotted In Public Returning Lost Purse To A Woman After Recovering From A Mystery Illness

Considering their close relationship, rumors suggesting that Foxx has been discussing settling down with Huckstepp didn’t come as a shock, per Radar Online.

The actor’s recent health scare, which forced him to face his mortality, is believed to have ignited his thoughts about marriage. However, Foxx’s friends and family are reportedly worried his desire to wed Huckstepp may stem more from her current status as his partner than a deep sense of love.

“He’s started saying he wants to settle down. It’s freaking out everyone in his life,” the insider said. “They’re worried he’s going to marry Alyce just because she’s the one he happens to be with now.”

The source added that “people think he’s being impetuous,” given that Foxx previously dated actress Katie Holmes for six years but ended the relationship due to his resistance to marriage.

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