Fans defend Sam Smith against critics of their new music video

Pop sensation Sam Smith He’s currently garnering significant buzz for his newly released music video for their latest song, “I’m Not Here To Make Friends.” The British artist and Kim Petras previously dominated the charts with their hit song “Unholy” and received a Grammy nomination for the song.

Smith released his fourth studio album, Gloria, on January 27. Featuring 13 tracks, including ‘Unholy’, it was produced by Capitol Records and is the artist’s first album since 2020’s ‘Love Goes’. “Gloria” features Petras, Ed Sheeran, Koffe and Jessie Reyez.

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Sam Smith published the book “I’m Not Here to Make Friends”.

Sam Smith

Smith recently released his fourth studio album, ‘Gloria’. The artist has released the music video for one of the album’s songs, “I’m Not Here To Make Friends,” which features them in stripped-down clothes and several racy scenes. While their fans praised Smith’s video, others accused them of “sexualizing” and “degrading” the LGBT community.

The music video was shared on YouTube on Saturday, January 28, and began with the artist stepping out of a gold helicopter in a puffy pink outfit before being treated to a baccarat themed party. After entering the country manor, Smith appears in another equally gorgeous black dress, complete with a magnificent headpiece.


As the video unfolds, Smith is seen in several other eye-catching outfits, one of which featured the artist in a corset, some nipple fringes, a thong, sparkly gloves and an equally sparkly tiara. Smith was also shown to have been sprayed with what was somewhat suggestively believed to be water.

The even more scantily clad backup dancers and extras gave an eye-catching and mesmerizing performance throughout the music video. “INHTMF” by Calvin Harris is said to mean self-expression and joy.

Reactions to the ‘INHTMF’ music video

Sam Smith

Smith’s video caused an uproar on social media, with former fans claiming that the artist’s significant change over the past few years has only gotten worse. Someone wrote on it Twitter“This change appears to be hard-fought for ‘progress’. I think Sam Smith needs some serious help instead of being paraded around like a vulgar character from Little Britain.”

Another post from broadcaster Dominique Samuels read“Sam Smith is a perfect example of what degenerate Hollywood culture does to people.” He continued: “It makes celebrities vulgar, hypersexualized and obsessed with wearing their sexuality as a costume and shoving it in everyone’s face. And what’s worse, the children look up to this man!”

The artist’s fans were having none of it and were quick to come to Smith’s defense. An account published, “I was going to ask ‘what did sam smith do to deserve this much hate directed at them’ but that literally means they’re weird and fat isn’t it. It comes from that.”

Another fan scolded, “People are saying Sam Smith’s video shouldn’t be allowed on YouTube… but millions of people watching Andrew Tate’s misogyny is okay? Make sense.”

Sam Smith said someone spat on them

Sam Smith

While talking Zane Lowe of Apple Music last week, Smith revealed that they were spat on by an unidentified person shortly after they came out as non-binary. The artist talked about their personal lives and stated that while their loved ones accepted their inclusion, the public is a different matter.

“I think the only negative of the fight was in my public life and work. And just all the hate and shit that came my way was exhausting,” Smith revealed.

“It was in the damn news,” the artist continued. “Someone spat on me in the street. This is crazy. What I find difficult about it is that if this happens to me and I’m famous, I’m a pop star, can you imagine how other kids feel, like the queer kids?

They also said that American cities allowed them to be more expressive. Smith recalled a time at the White House when “gays and queers” were present at President Biden’s marriage law signing ceremony, saying it was a “wild feeling.”

Sam Smith was afraid to express himself

Sam Smith

Speak Rolling stone Earlier this month, Smith revealed that during their early years in the music industry, they tried to fit in with everyone. Years later, the artist said that they got tired of it and decided to be more expressive in their clothes and music.

“At the time when people knew me – from In the Lonely Hour, at 22 – I didn’t want to dress up so much; it was a time when I wanted to rest and fit in,” the “Love Goes” singer said. Smith revealed that they eventually got tired of fitting in and went back to “the way I was when I was younger.”

They also talked about the difficulties they face when trying to express their sexuality and happiness through their music. Smith continued: “I ran into this world and it’s not the world I thought it would be. I was afraid to express certain things… my sex in music, my happiness in music.”

They revealed that they were more comfortable expressing other parts of themselves, but decided they needed to “break out.”

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