Fans are thinking about Jeremy Renner’s health as the premiere approaches

Fans are wondering about Jeremy Renner’s health before the upcoming Disney+ show ‘Rennervations’ debuts.

The actor’s new reality documentaries will be released in April this year, just months after the New Year snow plow accident that left him in critical condition. To that end, he’s released a poster that has all the necessary details for the four-part series, prompting fans to ask the right questions about his recovery.

Jeremy Renner launches his docu-series amidst questions from fans

Renner’s passion for giving back to society has been one of the biggest reasons why fans love him. So it didn’t surprise fans when the California-born celebrity revealed that he’s returning to his hometown — Reno, Nevada and three other cities — to find decommissioned government vehicles that he and his team can rebuild into something new — and better. its goal.

In a recent update, the ‘Avengers’ star shared a poster confirming that ‘Rennervations’ will premiere on April 12 on Disney+. In the picture, the actor poses in front of a tire decorated with various tools, including screws, wrenches and jumper cables.

A clean-shaven Renner looked serious with his hands on his arms, his black crew-neck T-shirt bearing the show’s title and slogan, “Every structure has a purpose.” “Renovate. Recycling. Imagine again. #Rennervations, an original series, debuts April 12th on #DisneyPlus! the “Hawkeye” actor confirmed on Instagram subtitle.

Since dropping the post nearly 24 hours ago, it has received 131,000 likes and hundreds of Comments from well-meaning fans. One person asked: “Hope you’re doing better after the snow plow accident,” while another echoed: “Didn’t you almost die recently?”

A third fan hoped he was “pretty healthy before he did this” and a fourth asked: “Hey Renner are you ok? how is your recovery?, adding their wishes for a “get well soon and 100% recovery”. We look forward to seeing you on the big screen soon.”

Meanwhile, another fan wanted to know if “Hawkeye” would return for a second season, and the sixth blurted out, “Episode 1. Rennervating Myself. (Lol, too soon?).

The Blast previously shared this Renner teased his latest project last month when he uploaded a photo to Instagram of him chatting with a man and woman. The Oscar nominee captioned the photo:

“So excited to share the #rennervations show with you on @disneyplus coming soon!!! As soon as I get back on my feet, we will come to You, across the world… I hope you are ready!!!”

Even though the news warmed the hearts of many, the comments also expressed concern for “The Hurt Locker” actor, with one instructing: “Don’t rush the healing! We will be here and patiently waiting. Just focus on your health!!”

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ star shares commitment to full recovery from snow-related accident

Fans have questions about Jeremy Renner's new project
Instagram | Jeremy Renner

Earlier this month, The Blast reported that Renner would “do whatever it takes” to recover from the snowplow incident. The Marvel pro shared a clip on his Instagram Story of him rebuilding his left leg using a Technogym bike.

The video shows the dark-haired man sitting on the chair and pedaling away, using his hand to help him move. In a subsequent slide, Renner revealed that he’s taking care of his “spiritual recovery as well,” with a photo of him reading Mark Nepo’s “The Book of Awakening” by a fireplace.

The father of one has been chronicling his recovery since surviving the horrific snow-related incident on January 1. In case you missed it, the star of Love Comes to the Hangman used a snow plow to remove his nephew’s car after it got stuck in the snow in his driveway.

However, after towing the vehicle, the tractor began to slide on a street, causing Renner to jump out of the cab. Shortly after the Screen Actors Guild winner got out of the tractor, he realized he might hit his nephew, who was with him at the time.

The “Mayor of Kingstown” then attempted to re-enter the snowplow to derail it from its dangerous course. Unfortunately, Renner pulled under the plane’s left track and was run over during the attempt.

He was immediately taken to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with blunt force trauma to the chest and other injuries. The 52-year-old underwent a series of medical procedures before being released home to continue his recovery with physical therapy.

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