Fans are saddened by the news that Netflix’s ‘YOU’ is coming to an end

“YOU” fans finally get proper closure to Joe Goldberg’s story!

Penn Badgley plays the charming but dangerous star who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. His captivating performance made the show a must-see for fans of the thriller genre. After four seasons of suspenseful twists and turns, viewers of the show will be both excited and sad to hear the news about the hit show.

Netflix has announced the final season of the hit series ‘YOU’

On Friday, the popular streaming platform announced that it had renewed the crime drama, and that the actor would reprise his role as the obsessed Joe Goldberg for the last time. In the reel, posted on their Instagram page, the 36-year-old appeared from various scenes and repeated his famous lines: “Hello and goodbye… You.”

The post, which read, “Bye…YOU. Joe Goldberg returns for the fifth and final season of YOU” – has already collected more than 100,000 likes, and in the comments, people expressed sadness about the end of their favorite show.

Fans are saddened by the news that Netflix's 'YOU' is coming to an end
Instagram | Penn Badgley

One fan wrote in all caps, “WHEN IT’S OVER, I’LL BURN ME IN THE MOURNING PHASE,” while this person, who clearly lives and breathes the series, wrote: “last season😪 🥲 how do you want me to survive TELL ME😭😭 😭.”

This fan praised Netflix for ending it in season five because they believed the character “could only get away with so much without feeling washed out or repetitive.”

Some followers have already predicted the plot and its ending, such as this user who stated flatly: “If he doesn’t kill all the women still alive, I don’t want anything.”

A fifth indicated that they wanted to return to some of the characters and to “GET LOVE TO END IT AND LIVE HAPPILY AFTER ALL WITH HENRY!!!”Hile a sixth person pointed out, “There’s only one way this series can go, and that’s Joe’s death for everything he’s done.”

After a major plot twist from Joe Goldberg’s life in London, fans are clearly eager for the popular Netflix thriller to return for its final season. In a press release Friday PEOPLE reported that the streaming giant has hinted that it will be next season reveals whether he will finally face the consequences of his actions.

In the fourth season, Joe took on a new identity as Professor Jonathan Moore and began an academic career overseas, immersing himself in high society in London. Unfortunately, not long after settling down, he became involved in a murder spree by a killer who targeted his newfound friends.

Determined to give up his former life, he suppressed his murderous tendencies despite the provocation. In Part 2 of the series, the serial killer formed an unexpected bond with another person who shared his penchant for violence.

However, the series raised questions about the viability of the friendship between the two killers. They questioned whether Joe would be able to overcome his attraction to attractive women and give up his murderous tendencies once and for all.

Penn Badgley calls on Netflix to humanize serial killers

The Gossip Girl star has joined the conversation about Netflix’s portrayal of serial killers, particularly in its release of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The actor spoke out against the streaming platform’s decisions, criticizing the way its content humanizes and empathizes with real-life killers.

Despite trying to discourage fans from falling in love with his character on “TE,” The Blast shared that Badgley’s portrayal in the first episode of Season 4 did nothing to dampen his spirits.

However, on Entertainment Tonight, the actor again addressed the issue of attraction to serial killers when he was asked, “What message do you have for people who are attracted to serial killers?”

He responded by asking these individuals to look at themselves before admitting that their show was designed to make people feel for the character, Joe. He then distinguished the intent of their show from the responsibility placed on other real-life figures such as Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer.

However, he noted that the responsibility for portraying individuals like Dahmer rests solely on Netflix. When discussing why certain individuals are drawn to killers, the “John Tucker Must Die” actor admitted that he has some insights, but they require a lengthy explanation. He went on to describe the phenomenon as strange.

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