Fans are going wild over Kim Kardashian’s no-makeup appearance on TikTok

Kim Kardashian “feels.

The business tycoon recently shared his first TikTok clip on his own, where he showed off his makeup-free look during the steps of his morning routine. Ahead of the video, Kardashian posted a clip of herself giving a British “chav” makeover with a significant amount of make-up after her eldest daughter North West beat her to a bet.

In addition to her life on TikTok, Kardashian was recently in hot water in the public eye after purchasing a necklace that belonged to Princess Diana. Social media users claimed the reality star had no right to the nearly $200,000 necklace and it should instead go to the royal grandchildren or the museum.

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Kim Kardashian posts a no-makeup look on TikTok

On Tuesday, Kardashian shared the TikTok video of her makeup-free look showing her morning routine. Unlike his previous videos, this clip did not noticeably have the north in the background. He captioned it: “My first tik tok without North. I feel!”

Kardashian wore white cotton ribbed pants paired with low-rise jeans in the video. At the beginning of the video, the reality star can be seen leaning against a counter. As part of her routine, she applied one Skkn by Kim product to her bare face, then went over to her Nespresso machine for her morning coffee.

While this was happening, a voiceover was playing in the background about the importance of morning coffee. The audio said: “Good morning everyone! Did you know that if you replace your morning coffee with a nice, hot cup of green tea, you can lose up to 87% of what little fun you have left in this life? The reality star lip-synced the last few words.

Fans are in love with ‘No Makeup’ Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian without makeup

Fans seemed totally amused by Kardashian’s post and told her off in the comments section. One comment read: “Queen Kim with her comments we love to see,” referring to the fact that the reality star’s comment section was rarely on.

Another post read: ‘Yesss Kim in the era of solo posting.’ “This is fresh spray tan confidence! (sic),” read one comment.

“Absolutely stunning without makeup!!! You should go makeup free more often,” one posted. Another said: “If Kim is real she’s the best Kim ever!”
“But it’s a lot of fun.” I’m sure she’ll take over the world with that personality,” joked another fan.

Several other posts pointed out that the reality star used the same Nespresso machine as them. Some exclaimed: “I have the same coffee maker as Kim Kardashian.”

“Kim, I can’t believe it.” We have the same coffee maker. My life is complete!!”

He recently lost a bet on his daughter North West

Kim Kardashian wasn't bothered by the

Earlier this month, Kardashian entertained her followers when she weighed in on one of TikTok’s many trends. Using her sister Kylie Jenner’s beauty products, the mother-of-four filmed herself applying the wrong make-up after losing her bet to North.

She seemed to channel her inner British ‘chav’ in the video, using a dramatic amount of make-up, including thick brows and lashes, pale lips and overly tanned skin.

Kardashian began the video naked before tying her hair into a bun and continuing to apply her make-up. She finished it off with Kylie Cosmetics signature pink compacts. Seemingly in character, the reality star chewed gum throughout and lip-synced to the voice.

Kim Kardashian bought Princess Diana’s necklace

Kim Kardashian has filed a restraining order against the obsessed fan who

In other non-TikTok news, Kardashian recently drew public ire after purchasing Princess Diana’s amethyst cross necklace at a recent auction. The necklace was valued at $197,453 and was “worn only by the Duchess, and after her death … was never seen in public again.”

The purchase is just Kardashian’s latest historic fashion purchase. The reality star previously wore the “Happy Birthday Mr. President” Marilyn Monroe dress to the 2022 Met Gala.

Kim Kardashian's 'Stalker' Kills Pete Davidson

Following her latest purchase, the reality star received some backlash, with many saying she was “really trying to traumatize the spirits of iconic women.”

Grayling Page six, comedian and actress Vivicca A. Whitsett commented, “Sir, she really thinks buying sh** will make her ‘neighborly’… her thirst is true… her thirst is real.” Royal fans were particularly offended by Kardashian’s purchase, saying that Princess Diana had been robbed enough that the jewels belonged in a museum or one of her grandchildren.

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