Fans are furious with Jenelle’s treatment of her daughter Evan

Former reality TV star Jenelle Evans caused some discomfort among fans after she shared a video where her daughter Ensley was seen eating.

Evans shared a clip on her Instagram story of her daughter eating and trying to feed her some eggs, which she refused; however, what didn’t sit well with fans is that he spotted a filter on the young lady.

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Jenelle Evans shared a video of her daughter eating

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Evans shared a video on his Instagram story of his daughter Ensley eating toast and a half-boiled egg. Caption: “Does your child eat runny eggs?” can be selected with a “Yes” or “No” option.

Evans, 31, tried to feed her but she refused before stuffing her mouth with the food herself. He can be heard in the background saying, “Hmmm. Delicious runny eggs.” The former “Teen Mom” ​​star visibly used a filter on her child, which offended many of her fans.

For the Filter use of Angry Fans

Jenelle Evans launches JE Cosmetics

Fans didn’t like that she used a filter on her daughter to change her appearance, and some are calling her names.

according to US Suna fan famous, “Filter your own pictures, okay. But the beauty filters on your kids in every picture/video is so wild to me.” Another user said: “I couldn’t imagine seeing my parents’ photos from my childhood and they all had filters on them. I would feel really bad.”

“He looks like a demon in this video. Meanwhile, she is also beautiful in real life. Jenelle is just a moron,” another fan shared. A fourth fan said: “This is one of my favorite things on social media. It creates uncertainty for children before they even know the meaning of the word. Smh.”

“I saw someone post a picture on my FB of their brand new straight ectopic baby with a beauty filter. People are fools! Imagine growing up and seeing your mom think you need a filter to get online! This is going to cause problems for these kids,” shared one particularly excited fan.
“What a great way to make your daughter dysmorphic,” commented one fan

Fans have slammed Jenelle Evans for her daughter Ensley in the past


When a picture surfaced of Ensley holding a book that read “Spaghetti and Beer,” several fans slammed Evans for not paying attention as a mother.

The “16 and Pregnant” alum has ruffled many feathers with the way she’s raised her three kids, especially Ensley.

In the photo Evans shared on her Instagram story, Ensley held up a notebook and pencil with the eraser to her nose.

He wrote it, per The day, “he asked me what I wanted.” Fans criticized Evans after it was revealed that the young girl’s face had been altered by a filter.

One fan said at the time: “Between screening your daughter and rudely pairing spaghetti and beer, you should go to jail immediately. It makes me so sad.”

Another wrote: “You’re not just carrying around the adorbs are you teaching your kids to reach for the lowest possible bar while showing them the fun side of bad drunk parenting.”

Jenelle Evans shares her dream job

In a recent online Q&A with his fans, Evans revealed his dream job. The former reality TV star has tried her hand at a number of jobs, including social media influencers, but has struggled to get any of them off the ground.

A fan asked: “What are your future plans without work?” Evans replied: “I’ve been off TV since 2019 and I’ve been working all the time. Just because I don’t have a normal 9-5 doesn’t mean I don’t work.”

Another fan noted Evans’ resemblance to actress Kristen Stewart and questioned whether she would ever appear in a movie.

He replied, “No, but I’d love to try acting one day.” A fan then asked him, “If you could do any job, what would it be?”

“I’m making my own TV show without being in it. I have always been interested in directing and editing films,” he replied.

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