Family Of Alleged Gilgo Beach Killer Rex Heuermann To Get $1M For NBC Doc

The family of the suspected Gilgo Beach killer Rex Heuermann will cash in up to a million dollars for participating in an NBC documentary about the murders. This comes amid Heuermann’s detainment as a suspect in the strangulation of three sex workers.

Heuermann’s wife, Asa Ellerup, will benefit from the payment despite filing for a divorce from him. The documentary fund doesn’t go against the “Son Of Sam” Laws, which prevents killers from selling their stories. 

Rex Heuermann’s Family To Get Paid $1 Million

Shady Cop With Connection To Gilgo Beach Murders Arrested On Soliciting Charges

The family of the suspected Serial killer Heuermann will be compensated with up to $1 million after taking part in a documentary about the murders. The show will record the family’s activities through the trials of the 59-year-old architect. This comes amid the suspect’s arrest over the death of three sex workers, Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Costello, by strangulation and other linked murders in 2010.

Heuermann was discovered when investigators matched DNA from Megan Waterman’s hair to his own. His DNA had been collected from an old pizza crust. He subsequently pleaded not guilty to three first-degree murder counts.

According to News Nation, the recipients of the documentary payments include the accused’s wife, Asa Ellerup, and her children, Christopher and Victoria. A rep from the publication, Paula Froelich, revealed that the family was intentionally staying away from the media because of their documentary deal with NBC. “There’s a reason why she hasn’t talked to the media at all because she has signed a major deal with the documentary crew,” the rep said.

The Payment Is Not Against The ‘Son Of Sam’ Laws

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According to the New York Post, the payment to Heuermann’s family does not go against the “Son Of Sam” Laws. The laws prevent suspects from benefiting from the stories of the tragic incidents that involve them. Therefore, it would be against the law if Heuermann was included as a beneficiary.

According to the news, Ellerup and her children could legally receive payment for their contributions to the documentary about Heuermann’s escapades. However, there is no specified requirement for the minimal amount to be paid to the recipients.

The “Son of Sam” law in New York was put into effect because of the situation involving David Berkowitz, also called the “Son of Sam.” He was a serial killer who did a bunch of shootings in the 1970s in New York. 

This law lets the state give a portion of the money that people make by selling stories, books, movies, or anything else about criminal actions to the victims of the story.

RexHeuermann’s Family’s Lawyers Will Also Receive A Huge Sum

Shady Cop With Connection To Gilgo Beach Murders Arrested On Soliciting Charges

Ellerup and Heuermann’s lawyers will also benefit a huge sum from the recent developments regarding the murder cases. The family’s lawyers are also involved in the documentary and will be paid for their contributions per the outlet.

This comes after Ellerup filed for a divorce from her husband a few days after he was arrested. Her lawyer, Robert Macedonio, agreed with the production company on a $400000 deal for being involved. Vess Mitev, Ellerup, and Heuermann’s children’s lawyer will also be compensated with $200,000.

Ellerup’s lawyer, Macedonio, confirmed to NYP that the family had sealed the deals by participating in the Gilgo Beach NBC documentary while collaborating with Texas Crew Productions. 

A crew from Peacock was earlier seen following 59-year-old Ellerup as she stepped out of her car to attend her husband’s court hearing over the murder counts.

University Of Idaho Murders Suspect’s Family Has Also Been Offered Money

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The media has reportedly approached other families of suspects in murder cases to comment on the matter or tell their story. This includes the University of Idaho homicide suspect Bryan Kohberger‘s family. News Nation reported that the family had been approached several times to be involved in the production process of projects related to the tragedy. However, they have declined all the offers.

A source told the publication, “They have been offered big money, but haven’t taken anyone up on it so far.” However, details of the trials are known to the public. 

According to recent news, the suspect’s crew is worried about the DNA evidence and would attempt to discredit it to be absolved of the charges. This comes after a not-guilty plea was entered for Kohberger for the attack of four university students off campus.

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