Evangeline Lilly told Michael Douglas that she was a GILF on the Ant-Man Set

“This is a grandfather I would have loved to hurt,” Lilly said of Michael Douglas.

Evangeline Lilly is just following her basic instincts when it comes to honoring two legendary heartthrobs.

The “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” actress said she told her co-stars Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer that they are “GILFs,” aka “grandparents I want to be intimate with.” The only problem with his big NSFW compliment? Douglas had no idea what it meant.

“There was this day on set, we were doing a scene in a restaurant and we were in a waiting room, so they filmed the waiting room with extras and there were kids. I turned to Michael and Michelle and said, ‘You guys are real GILFs,'” Lilly recalled on “The Jonathan Ross Show” (via The Daily Mail). “Michael had no idea. He asked, “What is a GILF?” Instead of being cool, in front of a room full of kids I said, “That’s a grandpa I want to bang.”

Lilly continued: “And then I realized immediately that I told Michael Douglas that I wanted to bang him, which you shouldn’t say in front of a bunch of kids, oops!”

The “Lost” alum added that both Douglas and Pfeiffer are “so cool.”

“You don’t want to meet your icons because you’re afraid they’ll disappoint you,” Lilly said, “and the three of them (with Bill Murray) are cooler than you think.” They are wonderful.”

Of course, “Romancing the Stone” actor Douglas and “Scarface” icon Pfeiffer are Hollywood icons who have had their fair share of sex symbol status stories.

Pfeiffer recently responded to the lingering admiration for her voluptuous character, Catwoman, who is well versed in spandex and whips in 1992’s “Batman Returns.” “It’s really like this character has nine lives,” Pfeiffer told IndieWire. “He just keeps coming back.”

As for his role in the MCU, Pfeiffer added, “I loved the first ‘Ant-Man.’ The tone was so unusual, so unexpected for a film like this. He was just very smart and very funny. They are fun and challenging. Sometimes you’re on set in front of the green screen and you’re in this suit and you can’t move in and you’re not reacting to anything and you’re kind of like, “Why. Im doing this? What is this?’ But at the end of the day, it’s a lot of fun.”

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