Eva Green sued over scrapped movie ‘The Patriot’

“When you’re in a B-movie, you’re labeled a B-actress,” Green said in court filings for the lawsuit. “It could kill my career.”

Eva Green refused to be labeled a “B-movie” actress and became a failed “Patriot” in a new lawsuit.

Green starred in the shelved film “The Patriot” and sued White Lantern Films and film financiers SMC Specialty Finance over his $1 million payment. The producers of “The Patriot” sued Green for breach of contract, claiming he never intended to appear in the film.

During the court proceedings, the “Casino Royale” alum said he refused to appear in a potentially career-threatening “B-movie” like “The Patriot” after funding was cut after he signed up to star and executive produce. Green was set to play a government official working for a futuristic authoritarian state in the anticipated $10 million film, which was “very dear to my heart,” as he told the court (via Reuters).

“I don’t care about the money,” Green said. “I live to make good films. This is my religion.”

He added: “I wanted to make the most brilliant film possible. When you’re in a B-movie, you’re labeled a B-actress. It could kill my career.”

According to Green, “The Patriot” took a turn for the worse when pre-production stunt training was cut from four weeks to five days. According to Green, the change became a major safety concern on set, citing the lack of stunt training as “extremely dangerous for action movies”.

“Look at what happened to Alec Baldwin in Rust,” Green said. “Producers cut corners with no safety measures and a young woman died.”

Green cited cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ 2021 filming of “Rust” in New Mexico. Star and executive producer Baldwin is currently charged with involuntary manslaughter.

White Lantern’s lawyers refuted Green’s claims and revealed WhatsApp messages Green allegedly sent in which he called producer Jake Seal “pure vomit” and “a fucking moron” who should be fired, and other producers as “evil” and ” they called it “speeding”. Green also allegedly called the proposed crew members “shithole peasants”.

“I didn’t want to work with a substandard crew. I wanted to work with a great crew who just wanted to get industry standard rates,” Green said of the proposed budget cuts to the production.

A message from “The Patriot” director Dan Pringle stated that he, Green and producer Adam Merrifield were opposed to cutting the film’s budget. “Right now, apparently, all three of us would rather eat tumors,” Pringle reportedly wrote (via Page six).

Lawyer Max Mallin KC, representing White Lantern, argued that Green “conspired” with director Pringle and producer Merrifield to sabotage the film so they could buy back the script without White Lantern or SMC Specialty Finance. Species.

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