Eva Green humiliated by text messages in the “Cuckoo” court case

Green compared his situation to that of his former “Casino Royale” co-star Daniel Craig, who wants to quit the James Bond franchise.

Eva Green reflects on her leaked text messages amid ‘The Patriot’ trial.

Green starred in and executive produced the shelved action film “The Patriot,” and later sued film financiers White Lantern Films and SMC Specialty Finance over his $1 million payment. The producers of “The Patriot” sued Green for breach of contract, claiming he never intended to appear in the film.

During court proceedings, the “Casino Royale” alum said he refused to appear in a potentially career-threatening “B-movie” like “The Patriot” after funding was cut after he signed on. White Lantern’s lawyers have refuted Green’s claims, arguing that he never wanted the film to move forward, revealing the WhatsApp messages Green allegedly sent to producer Jake Seal as “pure vomit” and a “fucking moron” who should be fired , and described other producers as “evil” and “fast holes”. Green also allegedly called the proposed crew members “shithole peasants”.

Green is now dealing with the WhatsApp messages in court. Green acknowledged that he has a “very direct” communication style and added during cross-examination (via Species), “I didn’t expect my WhatsApp messages to be made public in court. This is already very humiliating.”

Green compared his messages, which White Lantern’s lawyers suggested he had “left out” of the film, and Daniel Craig’s views on the James Bond franchise. Craig infamously told a reporter in 2015 that he would “rather cut my wrist” than return as 007; he later ended the franchise with “No Time to Die”.

“I know this story very well because I know Daniel very well,” Green said on the stand.

“The Patriot” director Dan Pringle claimed in a text message that he, Green and producer Adam Merrifield were opposed to cutting the film’s budget. “Right now, apparently, all three of us would rather eat tumors,” Pringle reportedly wrote.

Lawyer Max Mallin KC, representing White Lantern, argued that Green “conspired” with Pringle and Merrifield to sabotage the film so they could buy back the script without White Lantern or SMC Specialty Finance.

In return, Green compared “The Patriot” to an “imaginary film,” due to the “chaotic” atmosphere of pre-production and the empty production offices at the Black Hanger, where the film was supposed to be shot.

“I’ve been through this and I don’t really understand,” he said. “I’m still confused about this cuckoo situation.”

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