Emma Watson reveals her father gave her wine as a child

In an interview Emma Watson revealed his father gave him wine as a child. The 33-year-old continues the family business and recently launched her premium gin brand Renais with her brother.

Watson wears many hats, actress, activist, distiller and director. As an activist, the “Little Women” actress supports women’s rights and gender equality as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

His influence extends beyond his work on screen, inspiring and empowering people around the world.

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Emma Watson says her father gave her alcohol as a child

Emma Watson shares stunning 33rd birthday photos and reflects on everything she's learned in the past year
Instagram/Emma Watson

During a recent interview with the luxury magazine How to spend it by Financial Times, “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson has opened up about her experiences with alcohol and revealed that she has been exposed to the taste of alcohol since she was young. He expressed surprise that other teenagers were excited about alcohol, even though it was just another drink for him.

“I was surprised when other kids got excited about drinking alcohol. My father gave me wine and water for lunch since I was little. So I was pretty confused as a teenager, and everyone thought alcohol was off limits,” per said Daily Mail.

Interestingly, Watson is now embarking on a new career path that includes launching a premium gin brand called Renais with his younger brother Alex, 30. This new career comes after the Beauty and the Beast actress took a break from acting after the last one. movie in 2019 and decided to explore his family’s wine and spirits business.

Emma Watson celebrates her achievements in a birthday post

Emma Watson shares stunning 33rd birthday photos and reflects on everything she's learned in the past year
Instagram/Emma Watson

Posing next to her brother on a rustic wooden table, possibly on a country estate, for the magazine’s cover, the film star-turned-distiller opted for a casual look, sporting jeans, a gray vest, a white T-shirt and a pair of classic Adidas Gazelle trainers, a stark contrast to the usual glitz and glamor of red carpet looks.

The chat came after Watson celebrated her 33rd birthday and reflected on the past year, filled with achievements such as making gin, attending therapy and launching a women’s environmental investment fund. In a lengthy Instagram post, the actress shared that she’s learned a lot about love and femininity over the past year thanks to her Saturn return.

Watson celebrated her birthday with stunning black and white photographs taken the previous year. The snaps showed off her impeccable fashion sense as she effortlessly dons a variety of outfits including shorts, dresses and jackets.

“It takes a village.”

Emma Watson shares stunning 33rd birthday photos and reflects on everything she's learned in the past year
Instagram/Emma Watson

Watson’s birthday post was a heartfelt thank you to her community and friends who have supported her all along the way. He thanked their unwavering support, acknowledging their key role in making him who he is today.

“Today I feel (blue butterfly emoticon). Thank you to the coven witches who were instrumental in getting me to where and who I am now. You are my Avengers and you inspire me and kick my ass. It takes a village, don’t let anyone say otherwise,” he wrote.

He also gave a special shout out to his brother, whom he thanked for helping him find humor in life’s challenges. She thanked her glam squad, including her makeup artist, hairstylist and photographer, who helped her look her best and create a stunning spectacle.

Emma Watson supports gender equality as a UN ambassador

Emma Watson

Watson’s impressive acting career includes memorable roles in Little Women, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Beauty and the Beast. But his influence goes far beyond his work on the big screen.

The 33-year-old is also passionate about women’s rights and gender equality. In 2014, she was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, in which she actively participated in the HeForShe campaign. Her advocacy work has inspired and empowered countless women and men worldwide.

In addition to her activism, Watson continues to explore her creative side through directing. In August, he made his directorial debut with a short film made for Prada’s new women’s fragrance. The film showcased his artistic talent and allowed him to expand his creative horizons.

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