Emma Heming works with an expert amid Bruce Willis’ diagnosis

Emma Heming Willis has been through a lot since her husband Bruce Willis was diagnosed with aphasia early last year, which forced him to retire from the film industry.

Unfortunately, the veteran actor’s condition took a turn for the worse as he was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) last month.

The situation immediately prompted Emma to work with a dementia specialist, which she speaks candidly about and is grateful for such an opportunity.

Emma Heming Willis added it to her ‘dementia care toolbox’ thanks to dementia specialist

Caring for someone with dementia is no easy task, and Emma can attest to that given her partner’s deteriorating condition. He has made efforts to expand his knowledge in this regard by working with dementia expert Teepa Snow, who has been praised by a new Instagram comment.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis.

“Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with @teepasnows_pac who has helped expand my dementia care toolbox,” the mother-of-two began after uploading a beautiful picture of herself with the older woman.

Continuing his compliments for Snow, he wrote: “She is a loving, compassionate and skilled leader in the space who navigates with pure empathy. He is a gift.” Emma then urged her followers to visit the link in her bio to check out the experienced carer’s website, which she noted has ‘loads of care information that you too may find useful’.

The women seem to bond in good spirits as they were seen enjoying each other’s company in the picture, which saw them dressed casually in jeans and long-sleeved gray shirts. Shortly after the post appeared, Snow complimented the model for doing an “absolutely remarkable job of properly supporting Bruce,” whose abilities have “changed” in relation to his condition.

He explained that frontotemporal dementia has never been easy, but with the right support and programming it is possible to get on with ‘life’. Finally, the health professional congratulated Emma and the Willis family for their hard work and dedication, which he felt was “truly remarkable”.

Bruce’s wife was grateful for the words of support, adding that the community was grateful to have someone like Snow. Several commenters had only good words for Emma, ​​including one who praised her and her family’s handling of everything in an “inspirational” way.

Another follower exclaimed: “We are all for you!! Amazing to learn from @teepasnows_pac. He is the best.” Another supporter said there was “so much love and support” for Willis in the Wood River Valley, while a fifth commenter thanked Emma for showing fans how her husband is doing.

They wrote: “Thank you (Emma) for letting Bruce Willis fans know how he is doing; and thank you for teaching us about this horrible disease. I love the posts.”

In February, the “Die Hard” actor’s family released a statement about how critical his condition had become. The statement also indicated that communication difficulties were one of the many symptoms the movie star had to deal with.

It began: “We wanted to share news about our beloved husband, father and friend as we now have a better understanding of what he is going through.”

They went on to sadly reveal the 67-year-old’s FTD diagnosis, writing: “Since announcing Bruce’s aphasia diagnosis in the spring of 2022, Bruce’s condition has progressed and we now have a more accurate diagnosis: Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). Unfortunately, communication challenges are only one symptom of the illness Bruce is facing. Although it is painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis.”

The Willis family is receiving an outpouring of support amid Bruce Willis’ FTD diagnosis

Following Bruce’s unfortunate FTD diagnosis, his family has unsurprisingly been shown support from fans around the world and other celebrities commenting on his ex-wife Demi Moore’s condition update.

The explosion reported that Moore is extremely grateful for the love and prayers and felt the need to let her fans know about her latest diagnosis.

Bruce Willis

Well-wishers quickly flooded the comments with words of love, including celebrities like Selma Blair, Aaron Paul, Paris Hilton and creative director Alaina Hadid.

Blair spoke of “sending love” to the Willis-Moore clan, similar to Hilton, who used three red heart emojis. At the same time, Pál wrote: “I love you so much, my friend! Sending hugs to you and your beautiful family.”

Hadid advised the family to make time for their “moment of love” so that they have “a lot more energy to give.”

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