Emma Heming Willis Waters whets the appetite with Bruce’s rejection

Emma Heming Willis won’t wait until Thursday to remember her beloved husband Bruce Willis in his youth.

The cute wife did not hold back a spicy throwback picture of her husband in a new post. Although it’s been a while since fans saw the ‘Die Hard’ actor on their screens, many still remember how hot he was in his youth.

The “British Elle Supermodel” winner recently caught the attention of fans amid her husband’s battle with frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

Emma Heming Willis Whet your appetite with a smoking hot photo of husband Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis shirtless throw

to the delight of 800,000 Instagram followers, the former ‘La Senza’ spokesperson shared a super hot pic of a shirtless Bruce standing in just a towel wrapped around his waist. The ‘Die Hard’ actor accessorized the look with a white Pandora hat as he flaunted his toned biceps and medium-sized tattoo on his right arm.

The throwback snapshot appears to have been taken on the beach, and the ‘Pulp Fiction’ actor can be seen on the sand, next to a large body of water and lots of trees in the background. In the photo, Hemming tagged “@vanityfair” and “@annielribovitz.”

The sweet update comes almost a month later Emma and Bruce celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary and the CoCo Baba founder had mixed feelings. She used the significant milestone to reveal how a close friend made her anniversary extra special.

The mother of two posted a happy story on Instagram about how a friend brightened her day with a thoughtful gift. SHe uploaded a photo of a pink and yellow bouquet she received from her boyfriend for her wedding anniversary.

She described the touching gesture in the accompanying caption, writing: “14 years ago today I got married to the love of my life. I woke up with a full heart, but my mind kept returning to another person’s kindness from yesterday. I wanted to share it as it inspired the hell out of me.”

His lengthy message continued: “At one of our children’s school events, I mentioned to my friend that tomorrow is our anniversary. Cut, the same day I get a text from my boyfriend saying he left me “a little something” at my door. This sweet bouquet (pictured) with a note that read, among other things, Happy Anniversary.”

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis at the closing night of NYFF

As the message continued, the 44-year-old woman said that the merchandise she received from her boyfriend made her sad because of her husband’s illness, as she doesn’t remember the special moments they shared because of his illness.

She said: “It made me think how difficult these types of ‘special occasions’ can be for carers. When usually our person took note of the event, now their changing brain simply doesn’t. And that’s what it is.”

Emma Heming celebrated Bruce Willis on his bittersweet 68th birthday.

The past month has been full of special milestones for Emma and Bruce, but they’ve also been marked by bittersweet emotions given the Hollywood star’s failing health.

Shortly after the ‘Sin City’ actor’s dementia diagnosis was confirmed, his 68th birthday came. Emma gave an emotional tribute to mark the special occasion on The Blast, but not without speaking candidly about her struggles.

In a heartwarming video she uploaded, Emma noted that while people praised her for her resilience and strength, she couldn’t help it because she had no choice. She added that taking care of her two children gave her no choice but to be strong.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming attend Comedy Central "Bruce Willis' roast" in Los Angeles

The ‘Red 2’ actress further noted that she had to put on her ‘big girl panties’ and embrace the new habit, but it didn’t go without saying so, especially on her husband’s birthday.

“Sometimes in life we ​​have to pull up our big girl panties and figure it out. And that’s what I do. But I have sad times, every day, sorrow every day, and I really feel that today, on his birthday.”

The Maltese native ended her speech by revealing that she had been working on a sweet montage of memories she shared with Bruce, before appreciating the support of her fans.

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